Fashion and Technology

No, not wearables, but those are pretty frikkin cool, especially Ringly (WANT). I’m talking about traditional fashion (models, designers, clothes, shoes, bags ❤) and its burgeoning relationship with technology and development. Technology and fashion are my two favorite things, um ever and there’s nothing more awesome to me than the combination of the two. My other fav things? TV and movies!

Because I am pretty much the luckiest girl ever, I get to work at a company where all my favorite things have combined into a totally rad fashion/tech company called Spylight. It’s Shazam for fashion where you can shop your tv to get exact matches to outfits worn on tv by your favorite tv and movie characters (my two staples being Hannah Marin from PLL and Rachel Berry from Glee).

I also love the amazing and talented Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, which is why I was practically giddy when we added looks from The Age of Adaline. The Age of Adaline fashion blog post breaks down the ageless (and timeless) looks worn by Adaline, decade by decade.


Adaline’s 1950's looks

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