Published Aug 25, 2017 / Rah — E — Zendegi / Los Angeles, CA

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Bita Milanian left Iran 31 years ago, in 1986, as a result of political and social turmoil, made even more tumultuous by the war with Iraq at the time. Seeking refuge in Germany, Bita and her mother had to leave her father, brothers and grandmother behind, settling in Cologne before moving to the US, where Bita lives today. Her family joined her later and now all live in the US.

But living in Los Angeles is just one part of her world. She travels globally for business, using the opportunity to inspire others not only by sharing her own story, but to share the stories of inspiring people as a motivational speaker. Bita is also a popular blogger and social media force, dedicated to spreading messages of diversity, acceptance and love, and building bridges between disparate communities, especially in times of great uncertainty and political unrest. …

In the wake of the massive disruption of the traditional telecom industry as Internet-based Real Time Communications (RTC) service have been taking “over-the-top” (OTT) by challengers, and growth of popular applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime and dozens more shows no signs of slowing down, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is stepping up to lead an open discussion on global public policy.

While there are hundreds of different regional and national regulatory initiatives underway, aiming to protect individuals’ privacy, identity and safety, while also designed to help protect the often longstanding investments in infrastructure including through governmental investment in large scale networks, until now there has been no formal platform for discussion across the globe — and the ITU’s Council Working Group (CWG-Internet) is well-suited to organize, moderate and even mediate. …

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A message from PM Justin Trudeau about Tirgan, with a special shout out to The First Iranian-Canadian Women’s Leadership Conference
Thank you & Merci Beaucoup!

Over the last decade, our understanding of “connected things” has evolved in parallel with transformation from “telecom” to “IT” as networking has moved to NFV, and communications has moved to the cloud — for good.

It was around the turn of the century that what we originally called “telematics,” for example, in the world of fleet management of trucks, cars and other assets primarily using satellite connected sensors — became “M2M” for “machine-to-machine” connectivity.

IP changed everything, and as more and more mobile capacity came online, more and more things could be connected via both radio and cellular networks, as well as growing WiMax and WiFi platforms. In line with Moore’s Law, the price of connectivity was reduced as capacity became more commoditized. The price of sensors also dropped, as “silicon economics” kicked in, and innovation exploded with increasingly sensitive and reliable components for everything from wellness wearables to smart consumer appliances were mass-produced. …

For The Children: Please Join Me In Supporting Syrian Refugees

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A Syrian refugee kissing his son, while walking toward Greece

Today, I celebrate my first birthday as a grandmother. Our grandson, Hudson, was born earlier this summer and when I held him in my arms, I knew my life was changed forever. Life is so precious — a miracle!

When I, along with millions of others, saw the image of little Alan Kurdi washed up on a beach in Turkey — I reacted as a grandmother. How could this possibly be true? How is it that in this world, innocent children and families are dying because we cannot respond to humanitarian crises, including establishing a system for political asylum and care for refugees even as we spend billions of dollars protecting ourselves from terrorism? …


Bita Milanian

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