What is Metalsmith?

Metalsmith is a platform. It’s a platform that allows the developer to plug and play modules — these modules can be anything from compilers for SASS, to Markdown to HTML transformers, to Gulp aides, to just about any other content processing a web developer needs.

We’re going to use it to make a statically presented blog — Metalsmith is excellent for this, to the point that it can mimic Wintersmith or Jekyll, which can be a huge benefit. That’s awesome, but we’re going a different path: rolling our own, completely custom blog, with a few additional website functions.

Getting Started

To get…

JavaScript is wonderful. I know I’m always keen to hear what’s new in JS or related technologies. Podcasts on the topic are an excellent way to have a good time while learning about JS.

Below is a list of my favorite podcasts on JS in no particular order. You should check a few of them out to see which ones you like; there’s always at least one gem-of-a-podcast for everybody. Have you found yours?

The JavaScript Show

The JavaScript Show is a podcast that covers a lot of JS-related news. …

Tierney Cyren

⬡.js — DevRel @Microsoft . @nodejs . @nodeschoolnyc . @tc39 . CommComm chairperson. Human clickbait. Stringly typed. honk. He/him. @raepkg ❤️. Opinions my

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