BitBay Community Update — 19th November 2018

Today we are announcing some important changes to the BitBay roadmap and project goals for the next few months.

As we all know in crypto, real users and mass-adoption are the ultimate goals and this is why we are announcing that from today all of our team resources will be focused solely on our two lead products: the ‘BitBay Web Marketplace’ and the decentralized Dynamic Peg.

This change will allow our team to develop these two products faster and focus our marketing strategies where it matters most for our investors.

What does this mean for the other projects on the roadmap?

Items such as the new block explorer, dedicated community website, Ledger Nano integration and the foundation website will all now be pushed back to early 2019. Once the Web Marketplace has reached beta status and the Dynamic Peg has been adopted by an exchange we will continue the work on these other projects.

Our partnership project announcement was also due in November but we are putting this on hold for a few months. We are continuing discussions with the partner project and look forward to announcing this in early 2019.

The Web Marketplace and Dynamic Peg are the two most important projects as they have the greatest potential to increase the awareness of BitBay and bring more users to our platform. Delivering these soon will put the project in the strongest position possible to head into 2019.

As always, a big thank you to all our community and investors for their continued support.

Shorn Keld
Project Manager @ BitBay