[AIRDROP] Guide to receive Bitbibe Technology Coin (BIBE) in 1 minute

To welcome the first supporters of Bitbibe Ecosystem, there will be an airdrop of BIBE coin for the first 2,000 participants who create their Bitbibe Decentralized Wallet after this announcement is posted.

— Airdrop campaign will begin on Sep 24, 2018 and will finish on Oct 30, 2018.

— Distribution: the first 1,000 participants will receive 200 BIBE/each person and the next 1,000 participants will receive 150 BIBE coin/each person.

— Distribution schedule: after the Airdrop campaign ended. Guide to receive BIBE coin airdrop:

1. Create new Bitbibe Decentralized Wallet and unlock to receive Airdop Key. If you don’t know how to create and unlock your wallet, please click here to get the instruction : https://wallet.bitbibe.io/guide

2. Join the telegram channel of Bitbibe : https://t.me/bitbibe.

3. Send message to Bitbibe Telegram Channel with the syntax [AIRDROP][<your-airdrop-key>]

Note: you can only send the message to Bitbibe Telegram Channel for participating our airdrop campaign one time. We will add those who try to message us more than 1 time to our blacklist. If there is any problem occurred during airdrop campaign, please contact our team via support@bitbibe.io to get the support.

It would take you about 1 minute only ro receive up to 200 BIBE. Hurry up to participate our airdrop campaign and become one of the first supporters of Bitbibe Ecosystem.

Best regards, Bitbibe Technology team.

— — — — — — — — — —

Website : https://bitbibe.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/bitbibe

Discord : https://discord.gg/nAXNcsS

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bitbibe.technology

Telegram : https://t.me/bitbibe