On January 15th, IOST HKSBCC was officially elected as IOST supernode. IOST HKSBCC and IOST will participate in ecological construction, taking charge of transaction certification, block output, and network announcement. IOST HKSBCC will fully utilize North American ecological advantage and international relation network to enhance the international influence of IOST.

IOST HKSBCC is a North American node jointly sponsored by BitBlock Capital and Harvard Kennedy School Blockchain and Cryptocurrency PIC. It is dedicated to connecting technical talents, exploring cutting-edge technologies, incubating blockchain applications, and leading the development of the blockchain industry.

IOST HKSBCC will cooperate with the North America Blockchain…

On January 11, Li Teng, founding partner of BitBlock Capital, was invited to attend the first committee autonomous governance conference “Consensus Meeting” on behalf of the GXChain supernode of Harvard Kennedy School Blockchain and Cryptocurrency PIC.

Huang Minqiang, founder of GXChain, Fan Yayun, COO of GXChain and founder of Prophet, as well as domestic and oversea super nodes representatives met in the conference room of GXChain, and conducted a company visit of GXChain.

On the committee autonomous governance conference, Li Teng gave a brief introduction to the GXChain of Harvard Kennedy School Blockchain and Cryptocurrency PIC. He said that GXChain…

BitBlock Capital and Fiat Capital strategically invested in CoinZoom, the next generation of cryptocurrency exchange, to help it expand global influence and focus on building a brand in the Chinese market.

CoinZoom is an institutional cryptocurrency trading platform initiated by a top-notch team with decades of experience in financial technology security, it devotes to maximize user experience while protecting client assets and cryptocurrency security. Todd Crosland, the founder of CoinZoom also established Interbank FX, the world’s leading foreign exchange trading company, with a monthly transaction volume of $80 billion.

CoinZoom is expected to be officially launched in the first quarter…

BitBlock Capital and Fiat Capital strategically invested in FanChain, the United States leading live-sports blockchain project. This will expand the influence of FanChain in China and fully stimulate the sports fan economy.

FanChain is a sports and entertainment blockchain project launched by SportCastr, the leading live platform in the United States, to power the decentralized sports and entertainment ecosystem, and to coordinate the relationships and maximize the interests among fans, athletes, teams, leagues and sports media.

At present, FanChain has received strategic investment from David Stern, former NBA President, Vernon Davis, Tight End of National Football League(NFL), Jim Boeheim, Men’s Basketball Coach of Syracuse University Athletics, Steve Smith, NBA global star, and other well-known sports figures.

On the afternoon of December 22, the OK Innovation 101, hosted by OK Group, was successfully held at Hangzhou Xixi Hotel. Bitblock Capital partner Li Teng is invited to become the City Ally of OK Group. The event aims to promote the multi-dimensional construction of the global blockchain industry, in order to form an open ecological community allowing content to grow naturally.

On December 13th, BitBlock was invited as a Chinese partner to participate in the 2018 China-Korea Innovation Plaza and Korea Commodity Export Fair held at JW Marriott Hotel in Hangzhou. BitBlock Partner Li Teng and South Korea Executive Director Shen Zaiyuan attended this event. BitBlock representatives discussed the resource interoperability between China and South Korea and subsequent investment issues with other participating blockchain companies such as FINEVO.

BitBlock Korea Executive Director Shen Zaiyuan

The 2018 China-Korea Innovation Plaza aims to promote close fconnection and mutual understanding between Chinese and Korean companies, and strengthen communication and cooperation between the two sides. …

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Associations, in collaboration with globally esteemed crypto fund BitBlock Capital are campaigning for the GXChain ‘Global TrustNodes’. These two parties have jointly held several large-scale events with GXChain at Harvard University. Both the Association and BitBlock Capital have an in-depth understanding of GXChain ecosystem, and will jointly participate in the ecosystem building of GXChain, responsible for transaction certification, block output, and the entire network broadcasting. …

We are very grateful for the invitation by BiBox Exchange to attend BiBox Summit Singapore. Our regional executive directors, Cheng, was excited to see that there are still so many active players in the space despite the bearish markets. BiBox summit discussed extensively about the perspective of STO, regulation, and maket making in the cryptocurrency space. The discussions were extremely insightful and gave us a lot more confidence in the future of this industry.

BitBlock Group is proud to be the partner of Blockshow Asia which happened on 28th and 29th November in Singapore. Our regional director Cheng attended the event and was interviewed by Digital Notice In, one of the oldest and most prominent blockchain media in India, with global outreach.

Cheng says that he was privileged to see so many wonderful projects during Blockshow. The market conditions did not damp people’s enthusiasm in the market. Cheng also discusses the issue of regulations especially in the topic of STOs. He says that the markets have talked extensively about STOs, but the money is still slow in moving in. Nonetheless, BitBlcok Group is looking at STOs very closely, and we are very interested in becoming one of the early movers into this space.


BitBlock is a blockchain investment, consulting and service corporation. It is the holding company for BitBlock Capital and BitWork Hub.

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