Initial wallet setup

  • Download the latest wallet for your operating system which is available in our wallets repository.
  • Launch the wallet and allow it to synchronize
  • Click on debug console found in tools

Hello BBK community, we are very happy and to celebrate we decided to create a campaign.

BBK Contest — Win 1 Masternode

Good Morning #BBKCommunity!! Do You want a #BBK #Masternode?! Well, here is your chance!!

How to enter:


BITBLOCKS is a business-oriented cryptocurrency directed towards entertainment, especially in video games and other areas that revolve around this current industry, such as championships, events, fairs, conferences, and game development among others. We know that this business is in rapid expansion worldwide and that video games have not ceased to be something exclusively marketed to target age groups. The climbing value of the gamer world has reached such a point of professionalism that there are currently athletes and video game teams, tournament achievements that are transmitted in real time on the internet and even on television.

This market produces billions…

BitBlocks will make a swap prioritizing the optimization of the wallet, the speed of the blocks and implementing the system of masternodes.

The swap will be 1/2 so if you have 100 BitBlocks before the swap you will get 200 BitBlocks after the swap.

The swap will be made directly by on November 10 at 12:00 GMT -3

New BitBlocks Coin Specs:

Type: PoS + Masternodes

Address letter: B

Block Time: 30 seconds

Max supply: 584m

Mine-able: No

Stake-able: Yes

Transactions per second: 346 TPS (approximately)

Masternode Support: Yes

Coins necessary for masternode: 30,000 BBK



1. What will be the total and…


BitBlocks is a community powered proof-of-staking cryptocurrency that offers security, rewards, lightning fast transactions and absolutely no fees!

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