Today is a very proud day for the whole BitBook ICO team, as we officially announce that BXK tokens are live in BitBook’s Sportsbook . Now BitBook members, players and purchasers get to enjoy the fruits of the most advanced online gaming token.

BXK is LIVE and is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange — CoinTiger

The Bitbook ICO was a big success and will be listed on CoinTiger exchange at 16:00 on May 16th, 2019 (UTC+8). Trading pairs for Bitcoin (BXK/BTC) and Tether (BXK/USDT) will be available for exchange, purchases of BXK will have withdrawals available from the 17th of May 2019 at 16:00 (UTC+8).

Getting listed on a top exchange was the final critical step to our forward plan and continued success of BitBook’s ICO. This is an ICO that was on point with flawless roadmap execution, with a perfect track record that was reflected with an outstanding result. Selling out 98% of their ICO inside planned allocated time and on schedule for the next implementation of BXK to the

An online betting and gaming platform like no other — a technology game changer

BitBook has brought the technology of blockchain to the fastest growing online sector — Sports betting and gaming. Bitbook is a gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse range of betting options and staking games into one transparent platform. The strengths of BitBook is their commitment to transparency, speed and security, these core values are built into the BitBook technology.

The superior play comes with a 10% Cashback on losses when using BXK

When using BitBook native currency BXK, the gameplay is smooth and fast, with the player features focused on supporting active members, including ways to make playing more enjoyable and paying it forward to the community. Bitbook will give players — 10% Cashback on losses using BXK. Bitbook will continue to make advancements for improved betting and gaming for their players, rewarding players is just the beginning. BXK Tokens will be available for sports betting on by June 1st. It is expected to be available in casino games in the near future.

A trading contest to accompany the CoinTiger BXK listing

CoinTiger and have joined forces to host a trading contest and a “follow to win” campaign of 185,000 BXKs in total. There will be three activities to participate in, each activity giving contestants the opportunity to win BXK tokens.

Activity 1: Follow CoinTiger’s Twitter & register on CoinTiger to win — 15000 BXK

Activity 2: Deposit, hold to win — 50,000 BXK

Activity 3: Trade & win — 120,000 BXK

For full details regarding activity duration, activity rules and further information on how to win, please click here:

Bitbook wishes everyone the best of luck and thank you for your ongoing support. Happy gaming at