BitBums FAQ

Battle the dreaded Moon Boi! This expert shiller cashed out big on a few projects, but things went down hill when he started shilling Bitconnect. Armed with his improvised flail made from an old computer mouse, he is back to wreak havoc on your bags!
A single majestic Bottlecap the pride of CryptoCity.
  • Bottlecaps will be a cryptocurrency token ERC-20.
  • Rare items (weapons, armors and ‘rig parts’) will be represented by a series of ERC-721 tokens.
“The Regulator” a rare and mythical blade that strikes fear in to the heart of BitBums everywhere!
  • Avatars, titles and other cosmetic items will also be NFT tokens, making them entirely unique collectible items.
Be as unique as everyone else with your very own custom tokenized avatars!
Battle noobs for glory, experience and cryptocurrency!
Visual Representation of a Beta: Vaguely familiar non-copyright infringing robot cosplay costume held together with excessive amounts of duct tape.
  • The monthly Donator membership which gives the most perks of any paid item will be affordable.
  • A higher priced VIP subscription will allow players additional perks such as API access, guild messaging credits, the ability to be a leader or vice leader in a guild, and other such features that are nice to have but not overly advantageous in terms of the raw game mechanics.
  • All game items and functions related to player energy that are purchasable using real life money (via Points or crypto) can also be purchased with in-game money you can earn.
  • Anything that players choose to buy should have diminishing returns. (i.e. If you buy 10 paid items, it may only be 3x as useful as if you bought one.)
  • Our biggest focus of paid items will be cosmetic items.
  • Paid items will never be needed to unlock any part of the game.
  • The game will strongly reward activity/online time and effort to offset any pay-to-win scenario.
  • I will let players buy a soul crushing ratty Bitconnect t-shirt that lowers their own defense by 50%.

Game Play

  • Learning (increasing skills)
  • Fighting other players (to gain experience and money)
  • Fighting NPCs (to gain experience and prizes)
  • Rummage (to try and find scrap parts)
  • Exploring (exploring the city)
  • Quests (to complete components of quests and adventures)
  • Building Mining Rigs (to earn Bottlecaps)
  • Repairing Mining Rigs
  • Managing their army in Tiny Soldiers 30,000
  • And many more features to come.
  • Ethereum
  • Fiat (our in-game currency)
  • Bottlecaps (our in-game cryptcurrency)
  • Points (our in-game premium currency)
  • Ethereum
  • Fiat
  • Bottlecaps
  • Land
  • Scraps
  • Grain
  • Cans
Our well funded bag of quarters to keep our developers sustained on gumballs!
Our CEO hiding behind a common scapegoat.



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BitBums is the best crypto-themed web-based satirical RPG game with homeless nerd fights.