Africa Cup of Nations explained

It’s coming in June and it will be hosted in Egypt. As always, and similarily to Asian Cup, it’s a great tournament for player exposure and kickstart to European football.

Let’s take Zambia a few years back or Mali examples. They were relatively unknown countries (comparing to Nigeria, Senegal) before they became champions or runners-up. Few of their players were immediately bought by European clubs (espacially Red Bull) and their contracts exceeded local expectations by far. Mali, all of a sudden, was a centre of attention and everyone knew whereN’Golo Kante or Paul Pogba come from.

Right now, we have a tournament incoming in Egypt. A few days ago there was a draw and it looks very interesting.

Tournament will start June 21 and will finish in Cairo July 19.

There will be 6 groups with 24 participants. 4 cities will host the tournament on 6 stadiums: Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Suez. The final will be played on Cairo International Stadium that can host 74000 spectators. We are pretty sure that having Mohammed Salah in the final will exceed the attendance levels.

Below the pictures of countries that qualified to the tournament (source Wikipedia).

Who can win the tournament? Well, modern football is unpredictable and they say there are no weak and strong teams anymore. The gap between teams is lower than never before.

However, the bets go for few: Egypt (especially since they host), Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon are among those that are likely to succeed. There are few aspiring underdogs that might go for a big surprise: DR Congo (political situation might not be stable but the team is very strong), Uganda, Mali, Ivory Coast (always strong despite recent problems), South Africa or even surprise surprise Kenya.

Below the pots and world ranking:

Football fans will be able to see ACON 2019 on most popular TV stations including Eurosport in Europe and beIN Sports in the Middle East.

We are pretty sure it’s going to be a vibrant tournament! It always is. It’s Africa!