Bitcademy Whitepaper — what’s new?

As you already know we completely revamped our whitepaper and business model. We are no longer going to pursue ICO but opt for Security Token Offering.

What is new in our whitepaper then?

  1. Improved business model — we don’t build academies, we build whole and complete blockchain as a service along with it. We want to offer it to other sports organizations. This model will allow us for much faster returns than basing on academies only. They are the core and vital point of our business but BaaS solutions will add extra flexibility to our organization — pages 13–18

2. New revenue streams — we explain how we are going to reach for our customers — pages 19–20

3. Financial projections — we spent last months building a financial model. It’s too big for the whitepaper as it includes financing solutions along with our 10-year expansion road map but we put some flavour on pages 20–21

4. Reviewed tokenomics including detailed return on investment dividend and other perks — pages 22–27

5. Examples of token holders investment simulations so you can better understand how your money will be allocated and what you can expect from having gold or silver tokens with us — page 28–29

6. News about our AI module — page 51–52

7. Changed token distribution scheme according to new STO rules — pages 55–60

8. New and updated road map — page 64

Enjoy the reading. The whitepaper can be found here: