STO benefits

As you know we decided to run STO instead of ICO.

What is STO?
It stands for Security Token Offering and it’s different from Initial Coin Offering you mostly remember from 2017. It’s regulated and ran by the laws of, in our case, Estonian jurisdiction.

Main benefits as an investor:

  • you get a dividend that is linked to company profit
  • you own assets (in our case you become part of real football academies)
  • you obtain limited rights to voting and influencing strategic decisions
  • you know that issuance is under the legal law of Estonia and protected by Estonian Financial Authority

It’s safer because you actually get the rights to use your token in a certain way and you can use these rights in the future. Security Token issuance creates obligations for the company whereas ICO can basically change the company’s profile without any issue and move away from token as it wants, which happened in the past.

Our tokens will be listed on the exchange after we finish the first round. We are speaking with a few exchanges in order to do it.

We will issue a limited token amount in the first round and it will be up to 2.7 mln USD according to Estonian regulations. Next rounds will follow after around 6–8 months.

Join our revolution. We are starting in May!

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