BitCheke Private Placement Program is LIVE!!!

Hello guys! Today, I want to speak a little bit about our project-BitCheke and provide you with the latest information about possibilities of investments in our project. Our ICO has ended already, but there is another excellent opportunity for our community and investors to take part in our Funding Program. First of all, I want to remind you some basic information about BitCheke. So, let’s begin.

So, what is BitCheke?

Bitcheke (BCK) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is focused not only on disrupting an industry, but focused as well on disrupting the advertising industry and commerce, in the way we exchange goods and services. We are taking what may seem overly complicated to the masses by making cryptocurrency simple to use and understand. In advertising and commerce, consumers and businesses can be introduced to cryptocurrency through rewards reserved to incentivize them to start using cryptocurrency in their everyday life, gaining great compensations.And of course, after that, you want to answer:

Why should I use exactly BitCheke?

In a nutshell, BitCheke provides benefits not only for the ordinary consumers, but for the merchants, retailers and brands as well. The main advantage for ordinary consumers is an up-to 40% “cash-back” in BitCheke tokens, which then they can use to buy goods and services on the BitCheke market, which they would be simply lost. The main advantage for retailers and merchants is the similar system of “cash-back” (from 10% to 30%). It depends on how much education they gave to their employees. The main advantage for brands (for merchants and retailers as well) is that they get absolutely free access to the advertising market, thanks to BitCheke base of consumers and clients.

How it works

BitCheke operates on the Waves blockchain, it means, that it is a DAPP on the top of the Waves blockchain. The usage token inside our ecosystem is BitCheke Token (BCK).

Also, there is one critical question for investors: What is our progress to date?

In December 2017 we had launched the Rewards application for Chile, with an Application Beta Light, to start using the concepts and make all the necessary corrections and adjustments to improve the new version that should be available by Junes 2018. Today we have close to 600 downloads of the Rewards Application and with an 80% use sage and we have granted and transferred to date more than 40,000,000 in Rewards, people are keeping the Rewards, but they can sell them if they want. Compliance, LOI, KYC BitCheke and its associate administrator

Inversiones Cheke SAC, Lima, Peru. Has designed the Compliance package to be completed by all potential investors to comply with all the regulations regarding money laundering and financing of terrorist acts.

What are our finished products?

At the moment, a so-called first layer of our solution is ready, that is made to incentivize ordinary users to use cryptocurrency. Now, Rewards Bitcheke App is only available on Android platform. But, soon we will release the version of the same APP on IoS and WindowsMobile.

You can download it here:

then you should install it on your Android smartphone to get access to our BitCheke Rewards App.

Also, our token BCK (BitCheke Token) is trading on Waves Dex (Decentralized Exchange). You can check the price and charts of our token on Waves Dex and CoinRanking. Also, you can use BCK on the BitCheke platform generally and the whole BitCheke market. It is very important for investors and community to know our plans for project development.

Here is our RoadMap:

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Okay, now you know a little bit about our project. And you want to ask: How can I invest in BitCheke?

To raise the necessary funding to complete this project we are offering a Private Placement Program (PPP) is an innovative way to raise funds making an offer to potential investors that would like the opportunity. Opportunity to obtain Value tokens and a monthly release of additional Cryptos based on bonus benefits including Rewards reimbursements for the amounts invested.

Details of a PPP for BitCheke Token sales are as follows:

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For example, if Joe invests 10 Ether in week 1, according to the above schedule, and offer below, he will receive 5,000 BCK tokens and additionally (35% Extra tokens) 1,750 BCK tokens each programed month for 12 months till complete a total BCK token disbursement of (22,750 + 5,000 = 27,750). Notes: — We accept ETH for BCK — Ratio of 1 ETH = 500 BCK — This PPP is not an IPO (Initial Public Offering) — Pre-PPP: will be held from March 1st 2018 till March 15th, 2018 (00:00 P.M. PST) and all investments during the Pre-PPP carry an additional incentive of 40% offered.

Token investors can email their Leמּer of Intent and KYC package to before the PPP to pre-register with their email address or just contact us via Telegram Chat/SM page(all links are below the article) . Investors will enjoy extra benefit based on the pledged amount. — BCK amount: If this PPP does not generate 100,000,000 BCK tokens in sales, the company reserves the right to use the remaining tokens for an Additional PPP. The token price for any additional PPP would be greater than in this round, and the current token holders would also be rewarded.

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And, at the end of this article, I want to answer on your possible question: Why will the demand for the BitCheke Token grow?

This project is designed to enhance the way people view, understand, and use cryptocurrency in their daily lives. BCK is the gateway to cryptocurrency because of the innovative and simple to understand the platform. Consumers and businesses globally, have an opportunity to discover how they can benefit from cryptocurrency markets and payment system. We intend to build a solid robust network and platform that can be easily adopted by everyone. Our goal is to create a new era of cryptocurrency payment system.

Visit our website:

Join us on our social media:

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Bitcheke (BCK) is a decentralized cryptocurrency not only focused on disrupting an industry but focused on disrupting the advertising industry and commerce.

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