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“BitCheke is social. BitCheke is disruptive. BitCheke is the Future of Advertising and Commerce”. We all understand speculation and participation is not enough and usability is what gives a currency long-term sustainability. BitCheke is the new gateway to cryptocurrency.”

Luis A. Camus, Founder of BitCheke.

The Why?

Product, Quality, Loyalty, Awareness, Trust — all these words mean a lot to modern Brands and Customers themselves. But in this world of goods and services, it’s so hard to find something just for you. Everyday, all of us are getting tons of spam messages with commercial offers, which are useless and officious. New players in the industry face “The Mission Impossible” when they are trying to find a customer, engage a community around the Brand and take a position in the niche even with a good and quality product. Marketing is one of the essential tools in the game, but you need to pay if you want to play. This is where BitCheke comes in.

The What?

BitCheke is an advertising agent or company, with a GREAT Concept and experienced Team of Professionals behind it. BitCheke is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a Community of Customers and Brands cooperating in the Ecosystem. Just imagine a place where you can assess a product by Quality, Niche, Awareness, based on customers’ opinion all around the world. You can search and find what you are looking for by a few clicks. Plus, you get a 40% cash back just for being active as a customer. In a nutshell, BitCheke provides benefits, not only for the ordinary consumers, but for merchants, retailers and brands, as well as appreciation from the accomplished marketplace with the mutually beneficial cooperation of Customers and Brands. Save money if you’re a Brand, save time if you’re a customer. And many more “Rewards” which will be written in the near future.

The how?

With the great aid of Waves Platform, our team gets an opportunity to launch our own cryptocurrency which is tradable on the Waves Exchange and have three ways of usage within the BitCheke Platform(which you can learn via the Whitepaper, or just wait until the next blog post). We’ve created our own Currency not just because it’s fancy; it’s a fundamental thing in the Project (the blood of this living creature). We’ve elaborated on the revolutionary mining method applied only for BCK Tokens, which is called “Social Mining”. Thrilled to know what it is and how it works?

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Bitcheke (BCK) is a decentralized cryptocurrency not only focused on disrupting an industry but focused on disrupting the advertising industry and commerce.

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