a tragic love story, part 1

the beginning:

So a disheveled, solid midwest 7 walks into a bar. Okay it was a college cafe. She sees a man with ray bands, she’s intrigued beyond belief by his mysterious aura which would turn out to be a mild case of autism.

Flashback to the sight for sore eyes a stocky built caramel colored boy with ray bands braces and a stoic flat affect covered face. Just a dream boat, he is. So I approach him. He’s very uninterested and aloof so I say a snarky phrase and walk away with my friend by my side cosigning.

Flashback forward, we’re in the elevator and I’m going to my prison cell. I mean a college dorm suite. Serendipitously, we live on the same floor. He finally blurts out an awkward ice breaker while standing creepily in the corner of the lift: you smell…like food. I reply: yeah. I work in the cafeteria. He smiles awkwardly baffled that he actually said anything in the first place. we exit the elevator and he vaguely alludes to seeing me later, looking back as we walk in opposite directions down the hallway.

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