Dealing With Self Harm & How to Help Yourself

I don’t believe true catharsis can come from self harm, no matter how appropriate it feels in the moment, serious damage is done in the long run.

Here are some tips I’ve utilized to help me deal with and overcome triggers for self harm.

KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS. That way you can avoid them at all costs. PEOPLE can be triggers too. Let your friends know what your environmental and internal triggers are too, (if you feel comfortable doing so) that way they can help you avoid it.

Don’t deny your urges, but understand that they will arise, and you can fight them. You’re strong enough, trust me.

Use alternative strategies you feel can help you not harm, regardless of how strange or unconventional they may seem. Different things work for different people. For example, one of the MAIN reasons I don’t self harm anymore is because I don’t like how my legs look when they are scarred. The scars are hideous to me, and I just don’t like to add on to the many scars I have. Plus, I’m shallow. Whatever works!

Try not to use a specific person as your outlet or strategy to not self harm. People aren’t dependable and can’t always be around. The urge to stop has got to come from you.

Practice self care. I know when you’re feeling low, it’s not easy to do things that will make you feel good, but it’s crucial you try to do them in that state of mind. That’s how you build resilience. Take a hot bath, watch your favorite movie (as long as it’s not triggering), hang out with your loved ones and friends.

Hope this helped! If you ever feel you are putting yourself in serious danger or just need someone to talk to, call a suicide or self injury hotline!


  • 1–800–273-TALK
  • 1 800 366 8288 (1–800 DONT CUT)
  • Don’t wanna talk? Chats are available too at: