Handy Tips for Self Loathers

Trying to find a constructive way to channel your self hate?

here’s some suggestions as a fellow self loather that loves dwelling on the worst:

  • listen to ‘feel good’ music; the classification for what that is obviously different for everyone. I suggest mid 90s neosoul or the “sleep” station on Spotify. this kind of music seems to be especially cathartic for my psyche. don’t listen to that sad ass emo song that makes you cry for 3 weeks, okay? just don’t, it’s not worth it, that ain’t catharsis it’s destruction of emotional stability.*takes deep breath* moving on…
  • talk it out. whatever you are feeling try expressing it with words. whether that means calling your friend, your sister, a hotline or just writing an online journal — do that shit, it helps. especially when you do it a few days in a row, you can feel the difference. you feel just a little lighter after writing or speaking with someone. share the weight of your heavy thoughts or you will get crushed darling.
  • have deep, meaningful discussions about someone else’s problems that you care about; make sure that person is ready to talk and listen of course, but if they are that can be so rewarding — seeing someone take your words to heart, and feel a little more affirmed in feeling shitty about something. it’s also something you can relate to when you’re feeling down, so you know you are NOT alone.
  • eat your favorite foods. share food. share drugs. share fun things with people you love. share.
  • hold a kitten. cuddle her. love her. kiss her. if you don’t know anyone with one, hit up a humane society, they will be more than happy to let you hold the beautiful kitties who need homes — and hey if you feel up to it, and prepared, taking one home with you might not be a bad idea. furry doe eyed companions are great to have around when you are feeling shitty.