How To Deal With Writer’s Block

Pouring yourself out onto scary.

When I sit down to write a poem, I feel like I’m disrupting the natural process when really I’m trying to cultivate it. Continually exposing my brain to this process will eventually get the creative juices flowing as they say.. so here I am. Listening to RHCP, trying to piece together a paragraph, trying to channel my thoughts to create something cohesive enough to call art.

Every artist has experienced some form of writer’s block, drawer’s block, or maybe even a creative directing block. Our brains stop giving us that natural motivation to spill our expressive guts for profit, for personal release or for attention, whatever your intent as an artist is. When this happens the best thing to do is stop trying so damn hard. Be confident in the fact that it WILL come to you. But that doesn’t mean you just sit around not doing shit waiting for your next big idea to tap you on the shoulder. Make sure your mind is open. Brainstorming isn’t harmful. Reflect on times you felt inspired and rekindle those feelings. See if some nostalgia can re ignite your fire. Put yourself in inspirational environments. Go out and have a fucking inspirational experience. And ABOVE ALL,believe in yourself more than anything else. It’ll come.

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