or just some random shit that happens to work for me….

  • don’t eat meat particularly red meat during or right before menstrual cycle, this can help reduce or eliminate cramps.
  • get them bath bombs that dissolve that are hand made by Lush. I recommend the Rose or Galaxy bombs. it’s not just hype! them shits are magical. they are great for sensitive skin, makes it feel extra smooth, make you smell good as fuck and even make your bath water all pretty and shit!
  • fuck deodorant, unless you naturally have B.O (which some do) you don’t need it and the shit clogs your pores. just be fuckin’ clean and put on some oils. your natural scent + oil will be emitted. not B.O. If you feel your body naturally emits unpleasant smells, try homeopathic forms of deodorant.
  • fuck men sis. fuck them. with a huge lead pipe and no vaseline. you’re 20 something or younger. focus on the present and on your fucking purpose. them dudes that give you a false sense of validation for like 20 minutes are virtually worthless. a good dude will come into your life and you will never have to search. that motherfucker will come straight to you. until then….fuck them. but don’t fuck them. just stop fucking with them.
  • a woman’s digestive tract is more sensitive to irritants. be mindful of what you put in your stomach. I know I can engorge myself with food sometimes because I want to eat my feelings. 50% of the time its just not worth it and has lead me to having permanent aversions to certain things (acidic foods, alcohol) when it comes to greasy, highly acidic, low quality food, keep it moderate and minimum if you can.
  • no raw dicking unless you’re dating AND EVEN THEN BE CAREFUL, and get tested regularly as a couple. I’m not a huge advocate for monogamy or even condom sex but if you going to get raw dogged you need to have a close and personal relationship with that nigga’s dick before it comes into contact with your body. motherfuckers be dirty. not only do you need to be wary of STDs & HIV, dicks are just dirty and when a guy sticks that fucker up there without a fresh shower, bacteria can easily get lodged in our canal which can lead to yeast infections or worse.
  • write, speak, yell, do whatever you feel to express yourself. women are often told we are OVER emotional and CRAZY when we express our emotions but that’s simply not the case. we are emotionally intelligent, in tune with our feelings, and the men are jealous, honey. they can’t take. so don’t stifle, hide, silence or turn down the volume on your emotions. SCREAM BITCH! LOUD! I WANNA HEAR YOU…

love you. love yourself like kanye loves kanye. you’re enough, okay? okay.