Here’s How BitChord Will Help Guitar Players Earn Money for Their Content

Making a living is not the first thing to come to mind when you think of playing guitar. For most players it’s difficult to even get out as much as they have invested in it financially. BitChord is the platform that will change that.

In the past decade, the market for guitarists has become saturated to a point, where existing platforms cannot keep up with the up-and-coming artists on the scene. The end result? An overflow of guitar players on social media networks like YouTube, where they share their original content with the world for free with the hope that perhaps some of it (not all of it) can be monetized by advertisements. If it passes the platform’s rigid terms for that, of course.

At this point, there are millions of guitar players uploading their content for free online. And that includes guitar forums with designated threads, where they can share their original backing tracks, original tabulatures, guitar pro files — the works. Only a few are lucky enough to gather a social following that’s sufficient for their YouTube channel to be deemed ‘eligible for monetization’ and even then — they’re not safe from the hoards of users who spend their spare time trolling and critiquing other people’s hard work as a favorite past-time. More often than not, from a point of having no understanding of playing guitar, no musical background whatsoever and, last but not least, no real grasp on the concept that their negative feedback directly affects the opinions of millions of content users and consequently the efforts of the guitarist who are working hard to try and earn a livelihood online.

So is there a way out of this situation, which is equally as constructive for users as it is for guitar players?

A new platform, BitChord, will not only let guitar players keep all the earnings they make from the sale, hosting and sharing of their original content, but will create a host of new opportunities for additional revenue.

With BitChord, gaining control over your content got easier

Until now, no music streaming or content sharing site has given musicians full control over their content. It’s usually the platforms that decide how much to pay artists for their work. While some sites give better commission deals than others, the fact of the matter is that they still take a huge chunk of the profits of content creators. BitChord has several primary functions that can help you tackle this issue:

1. Quality Control

Unlike platforms like YouTube where anyone can upload a video and start getting likes/dislikes, BitChord will have a strict upload moderation process to ensure quality control. This is done to ensure both consistency of content for our users as well as to provide a standard for all guitar players who will register and use the BitChord platform. All content that gets approved for publishing on the platform automatically becomes eligible for monetization. Also it’s automatically entered in our affiliate marketing program to give guitarists the opportunity for earning extra passive revenue.

2. Moderation of comments

This is one of the main features that will set BitChord apart from existing content sharing platforms. While user feedback and comments are important to the building of a community and relationships with artists, there has been an increasing misuse of the ‘power’ users have on social media. Because BitChord will strictly moderate all content uploaded to the platform, users will not have the option to dislike or downvote it. They will have the option to leave a comment, share a link to it, purchase it or tip the artist in BCD tokens if they like it, but that will be the extent of their privileges.

This is done to minimize ‘trolling’ as well as provide some degree of safety for guitar players who are putting their names, skills and livelihood out in the digital domain for everyone to comment on.

3. Musical equipment match

Users will likely appreciate BitChord’s one-of-a-kind musical equipment match feature, which allows retailers to display target ads based on the particular attributes of the content users are viewing. This means that users will only see ads that are relevant to the content they access as well as get deals on the types of musical instruments and equipment that interest them.

The same applies to guitar players who get their videos rejected for upload to the BitChord platform (be it for poor lighting, sound quality, etc.). They will then receive recommendations for technical equipment that can resolve the issues with their video, so that it gets accepted for publishing on BitChord.

On the backend, the affiliate marketing program will allow musical instruments and equipment retailers to send ads to their target audience without the need to invest in market research, building buyer personas and studying “insights” or “analytics” that provide information about demographics and interests of consumers on social media. This makes BitChord a useful merchandising tool, giving musical instruments and equipment retailers the ability to stock products that their customer base is sure to enjoy and want to buy.

4. BitChord Marketplace

The BitChord Marketplace allows users to browse through a wide selection of quality music content. All content is pre-approved by our moderators to ensure quality control and then reviewed by users who have purchased it. This ensures a level of objectivity as well as transparency in the comments and information on the overall experience of each video, track, tabulature, etc.

Once users find the content they want to view or buy, they can visit the artist’s profile and access it directly. Navigation is quick and simple, and transactions are processed immediately on the blockchain-based platform. There are no transaction fees for either the user or the guitar player for fully using BitChord’s interface and features with the only exception of the standard blockchain processing fees (i.e. “gas”), which users need to cover themselves. BitChord does not receive any of that.

A win-win for just about everyone around, BitChord is accessible via free registration and upon release, the app will be available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. To learn more and register for the PreSale, simply visit