A Few Notes on BPRO Usage

As BitCloud moves full steam ahead with the upcoming new BPRO exchange listing, we are happy to announce and share the below usages of BPRO. To provide you with a more seamless trading experience and to fully leverage BitCloud’s cross exchange AI Trading functionality, BPRO will now be integrated into all functions on the BitCloud platform and ecosystem.

1. One day prior to the upcoming BPRO listing on the new exchange, the BPRO/USDT trading pair will be added onto the BitCloud AI Trading solution, which effectively aggregates the trading depth and liquidity of BPRO/USDT among multiple exchanges. As a result, users will be able to take advantage of the BPRO price differences between different exchanges and leverage the arbitrage opportunities of “Buy Low and Sell High”.

2. AI Trading 0.2% trading fee (discounted);

For BitCloud users that hold a BPRO balance, they can enjoy a 50% discount on their trading fees. By default, user trading fees will be automatically deducted from their BPRO balance in real time.

For example: In the scenario where the current price of BTC/USDT on a given exchange is 10,000 USDT, the standard AI Trading fee of 0.2% would apply at a 20 USDT equivalent. However, for users that hold a BPRO balance in their account, a 50% discounted trading fee of 0.1% will apply at a 10 USDT equivalent. Assuming the current price of BPRO is 0.005 USDT, 20*50% / 0.005 = 2000 BPRO will be automatically deducted from their BPRO balance, in effect offering users a 0 fee AI Trading solution experience. If BPRO balance is less than 2000, the 50% discount will be applied on the available BPRO balance only. The platform will automatically deduct the equivalent BPRO amount from the transaction fee, with the remainder fee balance applied using USDT.

3. With an aim to attract more users and professional traders to understand and enjoy the robust functionalities of the BitCloud platform, we will hold a BPRO/USDT trading contest during the first week to coincide with the upcoming BPRO listing on the new exchange. Contest winners will have the opportunity to share huge rewards of up to 1BTC.

“Trade with Ease, 0 Fees, High Reward!!

Detailed competition rules will be announced one day before BPRO listing on the new exchange!

4. At the end of the BPRO/USDT trading competition, and at the end of the first week of BPRO listing on the new exchange, BPRO withdrawal to external platforms will be officially available to the open public. Prior to this BPRO holders can take advantage of the internal transfer functionality of the platform, and transfer BPRO tokens between BPRO accounts with other BitCloud users.

More exciting news and announcements to come. We invite you with us as we embark on the incredible journey ahead. Onward, and upward!