BitCloud: June Announcement
Jun 2 · 3 min read

1. BitCloud has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the BGC brand community

BitCloud has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BGC. Leveraging on synergies with the BitCloud platform, BGC will offer BitCloud’s AI trading solution as well as BitCloud’s Visa Card solution to its members, allowing for access to instant exchange between digital assets and fiat currencies (G10 currencies) globally.

BGC currently maintains a membership community of over 30,000 digital asset enthusiasts, with an aim to accelerate the future of payments and realize the adoption of digital asset solutions within the real world economy.

BitCloud will be integrating Visa Card issuance functionalities to its platform in June. BGC will be trailblazing the way and be amongst the first to allows its members to utilize BPRO tokens to apply for BitCloud Visa Cards.

2. BitCloud’s platform token BPRO to be listed on a second major global exchange in June;

BitCloud’s platform token BPRO completed its successful debut listing on exchange in May, pairing gains of 309.1% its first day of trading.

After much planning and preparation, and on the heels of the successful debut listing in May, the BitCloud team is proud to announce BPRO will be listed on a second major global exchange in June.

3. “BitBao” $1M Incentive Plan in June;

“BitBao” $1M Incentive Plan of “Save USDT, Get USDT” will be available for public testing in June. During the 100 days campaign, “BitBao” will offer an initial APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of up to 36%, with the APR adjusted according to the deposit period. Initial budget of $1M USDT, with no hard cap. Tailor-fit financial products that is made to measure for each user.

After thorough market research and user analysis, the BitCloud team is proud to announce the launch of its “BitBao” campaign, offering users a stable income stream for their digital assets. Users take on more control and can choose between demand-term deposits or fixed-term deposits, allowing for flexible asset allocation to cater to their portfolio customization and personal investment needs.

4. Buildup of the BPRO token ecosystem;

The BPRO token-enabled ecosystem takes into account the varying needs of both short-term and long-term token holders. BPRO tokens are integrated into all functions of the BitCloud platform.

BPRO Usage

1). Transaction Fees (consumable)

BPRO tokens can be used to deduct AI trading fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and fiat currency exchange fees. When the user utilizes the above services, the platform will first deduct the equivalent BPRO amount, prior to the deduction of any transaction fees.

2) Service Fees (ongoing stake)

BPRO can be staked to access premium features such as algorithmic trading and “Save USDT, Get USDT” high yield products.

Enjoying these features only requires an ongoing BPRO stake. BPRO tokens are not consumed or deducted.

5. BPRO Buyback

As per the official BitCloud white paper, starting from the third quarter of 2019, BitCloud will utilize 50% of its profits on the repurchase of BPRO, re-absorbing the portion of ownership that was distributed among public and private investors; thereby reducing the overall cost of capital and allowing for BPRO token holders to directly share in the success and development of the BPRO project.

With the expanded BPRO usage, the BPRO token will steadily establish a robust membership system and ecosystem that is integrated into all functions of the BitCloud platform; providing tangible benefits and meaningful gains to BitCloud users and BPRO investors alike. Please stay tuned for details on important messages and announcements. The BitCloud Team is committed to collaboration, connection, and community. We are dedicated to providing you our most valued users the WOW experience!

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