BitCloud Monthly Report in April

Introduction to BitCloud

BitCloud is the world’s largest aggregate liquidity trading platform with intelligent trading tools. Our mission is to become the one-stop gateway to the world’s Digital Asset economy. Bitcloud’s market leading intelligent trading solution provides aggregate liquidity from top exchanges, and brings institutional-grade trading algorithms to your personal mobile phone. Together with our AML compliant fiat payment gateways across the G10 currencies as well as Visa card issuance and deposits, BitCloud bridges the gap between the digital asset economy and the traditional financial economy, creating a new paradigm for digital asset wealth management.

Monthly progress of the project

I. Product Development

1) Added IOS/Andoid APP Korean interface.

2) Rolled out OTC trading functionality


On April 29, BPRO successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the exchange Launchpad

III. Token Distribution

The BPRO token distribution was successfully completed before listing on the exchange. The number of token holders globally is 34,361.

IV. Exchange

Successfully launched on the trading platform with BPRO/USDT and BPRO/ZT trading pairs.

V. Bank Card

Signed a strategic partnership with the Philippine National Digital Currency Exchange to submit a co-branded BitCloud Visa card application with Visa and an international bank.

Work arrangements for the following month

Product Development:

1. Develop USDT term deposit plan function on the BitBao wallet.

2. Develop application and redemption interface for Bank Card issuance.

3. Plan for listing one or two active exchanges to enhance BPRO liquidity.

Please stay tuned for further details and exciting announcements.

Operational promotion activities:

1. USDT term deposit plan released: Offering a daily interest rate on USDT, and annualized rate of return from 10%-36%, and the market is the best choice for the current deposit.

2. In preparation for new listings on the exchange, BitCloud will prepare 10 million BPRO as promotion activity to invite new registration and new products.

3. Offer Bank Card pre-sale: Offering exchange of digital assets to fiat currency. BPRO can be used to purchase the BitCloud co-branded Visa card. Spend your digital assets globally and withdrawal cash via ATMs all through the convenience of Visa.

Feedback and suggestions

Community members and users are welcome to actively contribute, we welcome your wishes, positive suggestions for our products and ecosystem, and common prosperity of the digital currency market.

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