Bitcloud Pro project monthly report (June 1 — June 30)

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Dear Bitcloud Pro Community Supporters,


On June 26th 2019, BitCloud upgraded to Bitcloud Pro to reflect the new concepts and roadmap we have in store for everyone!

I. Market progress

1. Strategic investment

Bitcloud Pro has attracted numerous well-known investors due to our strong and consistent marketing campaign.

1) JRR Crypto, an angel investor that provided seed funding to Binance, will invest in BitCloud as well as support its ecological construction.

2) ChainTED Capital, which is a BitCloud Angel Investor, announced that it will invest $5 million in BitCloud to facilitate its long-term development and ensure that it outperforms the rest of the industry.

2. Media report

Domestic as well as internationally recognized blockchain media platforms — BiShiJie, Coin Telegraph, etc. — reported on Bitcloud Pro ‘s progress and achievements recently.

3. BPRO listed on 2 new exchanges

1) Listed on MXC (

BPRO, the Bitcloud Pro platform token, was listed on MXC exchange on June 15th (BPRO/USDT). The cumulative gains went as high as 1,000%.

2) Listed on Biki (

On June 25th, BPRO was listed on Biki (BPRO / USDT).

4. Platform registrations surge

After the launch of Bitcloud Pro smart-trading, there was an obvious influx of new users. The number of registered users exceeded 100,000 and the transaction volume exceeded 1 million dollars within 24 hours.

II. Project Activity

1. BPRO&ANKR Activity Partnership — airdrop a million ANKR tokens

Bitcloud Pro launched a one-week activity to airdrop a million ANKR tokens to BPRO holders on June 24th.

2. MXC trading activity

On June 25th, MXC held an activity about ‘Celebration for BPRO Listed on MXC for 10 Days and 500,000 BPRO to be Given Away’

3. Biki trading activity,

On June 27th, Biki held an activity about ‘Want some BTC? Come to BIKI and trade BPRO, traders can win some BTC!’

III. Product development

1. The task finished this month

1) Launch a new smart trading model and add the first smart trading pair ELF/USDT

Smart Trading, the new trading model pioneered with the largest trading liquidity. Investors will no longer need to register multiple exchange accounts, and they can get the depth of each major exchange and match the best price transaction with one click. The Smart Trading will select high-quality project parties to go online on the Smart Trading, providing users with the greatest depth of transactions, and solving the problem of insufficient transaction volume on a single platform.

2) Bitcloud Pro trial operation of a new Bitbao version

3) H5 invite registration page development

4) Optimize and update Bitcloud Pro KYC real name authentication process

5) Optimize and update the Android version of the Help Center

6) Optimize and update the Android red envelope H5 download page

7) Optimize and update the app — Korean version

2. Next Month Agenda

1) Updated Logo text information of official website and APP version — BitCloud was replaced with BitCloud Pro

2) Support ERC20 USDT Deposits

3) Add BPRO flash exchange, support mainstream digital currency one-click exchange BPRO

4) Add Google Authenticator to ensure user asset security

5) Add block browsing function for deposit and withdraw records

6) Support BPRO to deduct smart trading fee

7) Optimize and update the display of Bitcloud Pro APP announcement page

8) Optimize and update the Bitbao section

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