BitCloud Project Q1 Report
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Introduction to BitCloud

BitCloud is a one-stop digital currency management platform that supports legal currency transactions, strategic trading and intelligent trading, helping clients achieve wealth allocation, value-added, and investment, and achieves the goals of wealth management and trading in an easy and fast manner.

A. Project quarterly progress

After product refactoring and design, the Bitcloud App went through a rigorous product layout optimization. Function related to news and market navigation were removed allowing the interface to be more concise and focused on trading functions;

Product side

The OTC function has been rolled out, with the USDT trading pair being the most commonly traded. Moving on, Bitcloud will gradually introduce various stable currency legal currency trading pairs such as T USD and USDC .

At present, the product integrates legal currency transactions, intelligent trading, and strategic trading, forming a closed loop of digital currency entry, trading and wealth management.


Successfully introduced 5 OTC trading teams and continuously training nearly 100 OTC traders. Gradually cultivate the U SDT trading market and prepare for USDT financial management.


A strategic cooperation with the Philippine National digital currency exchange, allowing the Bitcloud Users to to be directly incorporated into the, and applying for the VISA card issuing qualification to the bank.

Entered into a strategic cooperation with the Philippines National digital currency exchange, allowing users access to new mode of withdrawals and deposits to the banks after submission of their VISA card applications.

B. Operational data

Registered Users:

The number of registered users increased by the quarter : 2%

Total number of registered users: 30713

Trading in the quarter by the number of households rose: 21%

OTC trading volume:

Number of completed orders: 879

Completed order amount: 198955.35 USDT

C. Upcoming Q2 Schedule

Product technology:

1. Add iOS/Andoid APP Korean interface

2. Add Korean Won Pricing in the trading Pairs info

3. Add OTC Buyer Seller Information Display Page

4. Add the number of OTC transaction history orders

5. Improve the OTC transaction chat system between Buyer & Seller

Product operation activities:

OTC market maker introduction plan: We implement the welfare conditions of free of charge, deposit free, and free of advertising fees, and the trader can receive a 0.2% subsidy for the transaction amount ;

USDT financial management is released: USDT is USDT , although it is available , it bears daily interest, and the annualized rate of return is as high as 10%-36% . The market is the best choice for the current deposit.

Dollar deposits and withdrawals are about to start: Working with the Philippine MumCash platform, the dollar and digital currency can be perfectly combined, digital currency can be purchased in US dollars, and digital currency can be exchanged into US dollars at any time.

D. Roadmap

2019 Q1: Opened the OTC function and improve the trading functionalities

2019 Q 2: Open USDT wealth management area, deposit interest

Opened the US dollar deposit and withdrawal channels

2019 Q 3: Release BitCloud VISA co-branded card

Open Online POS , Allow credit card deposits

2019 Q 4: Establish a BPRO membership system;

Complete the BPRO 2019 annual repurchase and burn;

2 020Q1: Access to the public chain D app ecosystem

Digital Money Quantitative Fund Market

E. Feedback and suggestions

Community members and users are welcome to actively contribute, we welcome your positive suggestions for our products and ecology and common prosperity of the digital currency market.

Please email your suggestions to

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