Digital Asset Trading on Bitcloud


Cryptocurrency trading has been regarded as one of the most profitable investments people can make. While most people have made huge profits from the trading of these cryptocurrencies, others have lost most if not all of their life savings. According to studies, one of the reasons why people have lost their funds is simply because of the lack of tools that is capable of offering users precise and accurate modes to trade.

Painpoints Of Crypto Trading

· Price volatility or lack of uniformity of price

· Low liquidity

· Low transaction fees or charge

· Transaction delays

· Price manipulation by certain automated robots

BitCloud — The Solution To Crypto Trading

Users will find it interesting to know that a precise solution has been developed to help them trade and ensure that they make huge profits. The BitCloud application is that precise and an accurate trading tool developed for traders by traders.

The BitCloud application has been developed with a certain algorithms that is able to spot the best crypto prices across various exchanges. Users are able to trade on 7 different exchanges all within one account. Awesome.

Features Of The BitCloud App

This application is a one-stop-application that has been designed to offer users multiple uses. Some of the main features of this app include but are not limited to the following;

1. Live market data; the BitCloud application offers user live market data that will help them make wise and accurate trading decisions. This live data is received across various crypto exchanges.

2. Smart trading; with this application, users do not have to register with any exchange. With just a click of a button, this trading application is able to match up to about seven exchanges.

3. Decentralized wallet; this app is not just a trading tool but also a decentralized wallet that offers users the opportunity to store their coins in a safe and secure manner. Asides from being a decentralized wallet, the BitCloud also offer users staking rewards on its ecosystem.

4. Market intelligence; the application is like your eye on the crypto market as it offers market-based analysis and estimates that are capable of influencing your trading decision to ensure you make profits. Users can view real-time orders of all markets across all supported exchanges.

5. Quant bot trading; this feature of the BitCloud app allows users to trade via the bots that have been integrated into the app.

How To Get The BitCloud Application?

To start making use the API and strategy trading tool, you simply the have to download the APP from the official website. Follow us on twitter.