Token sale of the first Jewish blockchain project BitCoen will be held on November 28, 2017

Token sale of the first Jewish blockchain project BitCoen will be held on November 28, 2017

BitCoen project team postponed the start of Token sale at the request of representatives of Jewish communities.

The official start of the Token sale of BitCoen project is postponed to November 28, 2017. Token Sale will last lonly 1 month until December 26, 2017. Up to 20 million BENs at the price of $1 per one BEN are available on the Token sale. The emission of BitCoen is 95% (95.000.000 BENs out of 100.000.000 maximum possible BENs).

“Just after the publication about BitCoen in “Moscow Yerushalaim” magazine we received a lot of requests to postpone the project Token Sale to later date,” explains BitCoen CEO Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “A significant part of the BitCoen audience are people who previously did not deal with crypto tokens. They are worried that they will not have time to sort out the options in their personal account before the token sale and miss the opportunity to use bonus periods. Our team decided to accommodate the audience. We respect the feelings of those who have just started to get acquainted with the world of crypto technologies, which can be really difficult for beginners. It is important for us that the BitCoen project is comfortable for all who supports it from the very beginning.”

At the BitCoen user account there is an option that allows to make a deposit. In this way, you can quickly acquire the required number of BitCoen tokens at the very beginning of Token sale, and this is the most profitable bonus period. Detailed instructions will appear in your user account on November 20. Registered users will have a week to learn the manual and, if necessary, get advice from the BitCoen support team.

Information about the first Jewish blockchain project BitCoen

The BitCoen project was originally conceived as a system of services, qualitatively improving the life of the Jewish community.

What does it have inside

BitCoen Token (BEN), which can act as a payment method between community representatives.

BitCoen loyalty program. Program users get BEN’s after purchases/services from the program partners and accrue BEN’s instead of abstract loyalty program points. BEN’s are accumulated and their duration isn’t limited. Unlike existing loyalty programs, that can have various restrictions for users, and often have unlimited opportunities for scammers, BitCoen Loyalty is completely transparent. No small fonts and asterisks in the program description. BEN’s do not burn after time, and can’t be canceled by anyone.

BitCoen Pay — payment system for online and offline purchases for private persons and businesses in points that accept payment by BENs. We have experience in creating payment systems (Life.Pay, PayQR) and we know how to make them even better so that the BitCoen project participants can use the most convenient payment services.

BitCoen Platform is a marketplace for Jewish businesses. A businessman can expand the number of customers, including at the expense of consumers from other countries.

BitCoen ADV — an advertising platform for the popularization of Jewish businesses, we already collected a huge target audience and we can do almost any targeting.

“That is, a business within the community receives a developed loyalty program, an online storefront, and in fact — the ability to unlimitedly expand the pool of customers, using our advertising platform with the target audience. Users receive a comfortable loyalty program with BEN’s that have independent value. The community receives a tool that works all over the world,” explains Vyacheslav Semenchuk.

BitCoen tokens can be purchased by anyone (well, you know, it’s the same blockchain), but our marketing activity is aimed specifically at the Jewish community. About 80% of tokens will be concentrated in the community. In Russia, we plan to occupy about 10% of the market, the interest to our project already been shown in Germany, Spain, England and Israel.

According to the auditors’ estimates, the capitalization of the BitCoen will be about a billion dollars after the realization of all components. “We are the largest blockchain project in Russia for now, oriented to b2b and b2c audience. Even before the start of Token sale, we made partners with more than 700 large stores, which will add points in BEN’s when buying from them,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk.

Legality of the project

Since the BitCoen blockchain project is designed for a mass audience, it is very important to prove it with maximum transparency and legality. BitCoen legal team provided different options for the development of events and could create the most stable and secure system. BitCoen is a token, not an investment tool, it does not imply receipt of passive profit and does not have any signs of a stock. After the completion of Token sale BitCoen makes a listing on the exchange, but in no way determines the cost rate of its token. Placement on the exchange is one of the marketing tools that allow us to expand the audience of the project.

The BitCoen team reserves the right to issue BENs to the market from its reserves. The cost of BENs issued after the completion of the Token sale is determined by the market. The release of BitCoen from the company’s reserves after the completion of the Token sale and their placement on the stock exchange may be due to the need to fund new projects necessary for the development of the BitCoen ecosystem. According to preliminary calculations, the total capitalization of the BitCoen project, taking into account all the services that will be created within the ecosystem, should be $1.5 billion. According to independent experts, in the future, the capitalization of BitCoen can grow 10 times.

Команда проекта перенесла старт Token sale по просьбам представителей еврейских общин.

Официальный старт Token sale блокчейн проекта BitCoen перенесен на 26 ноября. Token sale BitCoen продлится всего месяц и завершится 26 декабря. На Token sale доступно до 20 млн BEN по цене 1 доллар США. Эмиссия BitCoen составляет 95% (95.000.000 BEN из 100.000.000 максимальный BEN)

«После выхода статьи о проекте BitCoen в популярном в общинах журнале «Москва Ерушалаим», мы получили много сообщений с просьбой перенести Token sale проекта на более поздний срок, — говорит генеральный директор BitCoen Вячеслав Семенчук. — Значительная часть аудитории BitCoen — это люди, которые раньше не имели дела с криптотокенами. Они беспокоятся, что не успеют разобраться с опциями в личном кабинете до начала token sale и упустят возможность использовать бонусные периоды. Наша команда приняла решение пойти на встречу просьбе аудитории. Мы уважаем чувства тех, кто только начал знакомиться с миром крипто-технологий, это действительно может быть непросто для новичков. Нам важно, чтобы проект BitCoen с самого начала был комфортным для всех, кто его поддерживает»

В личном кабинете пользователей проекта есть опция, позволяющая внести депозит. Таким образом можно очень быстро приобрести нужное количество токенов BitCoen в самом начале Token sale, а это наиболее выгодный бонусный период. Подробная инструкция как это сделать появится в личном кабинете 20 ноября. У зарегистрированных пользователей будет неделя, чтобы освоить инструкцию и при необходимости получить консультации от службы поддержки BitCoen.

Справка о первом еврейском блокчейн-проекте BitCoen

Блокчейн-проект BitCoen задуман как система сервисов, качественно улучшающих жизнь еврейского сообщества по всему миру.

Составляющие проекта:

Токен BitCoen (BEN), который может выступать как платежное средство для взаиморасчетов между представителями общин; программа лояльности BitCoen Loyalty; BitCoen Pay — cистема оплаты платежей; BitCoen Platform — маркет плейс для еврейских бизнесов и BitCoen ADV — рекламная платформа для популяризации еврейских бизнесов.



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