In the rapidly growing world, enterprises prefer to provide services in specific field of a market. For example, in the market of banking, there will always be one company that specialises inRisk and Compliance Services,Analytics Services, Finance and Accounting, or Retail Banking due many reasons like less competition, clear objective, etc. But the division of market is inconvenient to customers as they have to opt for different organizations for various services. What this ecosystem lacks is a means to connect all these services and bring them to the doorsteps of the customer as a complete package. And this is where Zonto saves the day.


It is a platform which connects people all over the globe. It is like a gateway to all the digital needs of a customer. Zonto not only provides digital needs but it also caters the needs of the customers on a whole (socially, financially, legally, etc.). As the whitepaper says “Every user will find something useful for them-selves”. For instance, Zonto has an interface that will allow interaction between users through publications and likes, just like a social network. In fact, this is the idea which drove the creation of ZONTO in the first place.


Social Network

Zonto also has a private messaging service that works to contact both other users, vendors, freelancers and the like who can offer their services through the platform.

Wallet and Cash Transfer

The user can use the app to pay for all the merchandise and services. The app has an embedded wallet within PSD2 directory on the territory of EU. Currently the payment method is released on API based system named Advanced Cash or Advcash in short. Zonto is one the first applications to support integration with banks using API. This allows user to easily transfer money among each other and also withdraw it through the partners of the service which makes the whole process fast and user-friendly.


This is one of the primary modules of Zonto. It is a map of all the current activities going around the user. It alerts the user of any facilities or services happening nearby which synchronise with the interests of the user. It displays restaurants, hotels, shows, stores, pharmacies, saloons, etc. It even helps find residential space which is available for rent or sale without any intermediaries or high commissions. On one of the Zonto platform, users will benefit from the functions provided in the form of job searches for casual workers, rental real estate or job seekers/employees who are in the search/service function.

Loyalty Card

As a reward for choosing Zonto’s goods and services, the user is provided with a loyalty card in the form of a QR-code. This allows the user to receive personal discounts and put the transaction in the CRM system of Zonto partners. Using the loyalty card the user also has a chance to receive cashback from every purchase at Zonto.

Promotion of private services

With the help of Zonto it is very easy to advertise individual-provided services like tutoring, house-debugging, renovation or anything one likes. In the Zonto-world, any user can become a ‘free-lancer’ by performing tasks for other Zonto users. This is a quick way for individuals of different skill set to earn money.

Zonto also promotes user who willingly donate funds to charities with special insignias and rewards.


1 ZONTO Token in Pre ICO = $ 2

1 ZONTO Token in ICO = $ 5

Just imagine an app that will change the way the world operates. People using Zonto to facilitate everything will soon be a reality. The question is whether you want to be the part of this reality or not.



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