Best acoustics and clear room design: Partition walls not only convince in the office

In our fast-moving times, business processes are subject to constant change in almost all companies. In order to remain competitive and respond to the rapidly changing market requirements, flexibility is one of the most important prerequisites for entrepreneurial success. This applies in particular to the office sector, because it is here to use modern technical support and in this way to make the work processes as efficient as possible. At the same time, the satisfaction of the employees must also be kept in mind. Ultimately, only a motivated team will be in a position to actually achieve the set company goals.

To cope with all these requirements and to ensure a healthy and effective working environment, you should not only equip the office space of your company with modern technology, but also design and design it in an appealing and employee-friendly manner. Both sound and discretion as well as ergonomics and health management play an important role. All of this may seem very costly and difficult to implement at first. But there have been excellent opportunities to master all the challenges. Modern partition systems are, in many cases, a very decisive aid.

Make all office areas perfect

Have you ever thought about the possibilities for dividing walls in the office, archive and storage areas? Without interfering with the building structure or having to do a lot of work, modern partition systems give you the opportunity to design specific areas in your company individually and precisely to the current conditions and wishes.

This applies both to long-term concepts and to rooms used in the temporary accommodation of office workplaces (for example, during renovation phases or during conversion or conversion). In addition, you can easily separate areas that can be permanently or temporarily used as depot cells. In all these situations, partition walls provide you with first-class support — as a sound barrier , visual protection or simply as an optical room separator in the office.

All optical and functional requirements must be met

Regardless of whether you want to create a large office space by means of the skilled use of mobile partitions, or to create a special waiting area for your customers in the lobby of your company, the result must in any case meet all optical and functional requirements. And also for conference and training rooms or separate meeting areas: Both the individual use as well as the visual appearance must be suitable for the respective application.

Apart from the correct shape of the partition walls, this also includes their color and surface. Flexible combinations for short-term changes or transformations are also desirable.

Modern partitioning systems are also convincing in outdoor applications

Modern partitioning systems not only convince in the office, but can also ensure a successful appearance and functional design at trade fairs — for example, in the form of a sound insulation partition . Because if you as an entrepreneur plan an all-round successful trade fair appearance, this is not only a clever presentation of the exhibited exhibits, but always also the general setting-up of your company as a market participant.

In other words, the entire exhibition area of ​​your company on the exhibition grounds must have a harmonious architecture and design appropriate to corporate design. Often it is also very helpful to guide visitors to a consciously selected course along your exhibits using special guidance measures.

To make this possible, you can not only use specific lighting elements or general stand construction modules (such as the high-quality Leitex stand construction systems ) but also achieve very effective results thanks to the use of mobile partition walls. This is especially true if you want to place specific information, posters or even showcases with exhibits directly on the walls. Similar to a gallery, the visitor is guided from A to B in this way. Furthermore, the use of an acoustic partition makes it possible to convince not least of all the noise protection.

After all, it is often very loud at a trade fair and the visitors of your stand will be happy to find an area of ​​peace and relaxation. In this way, you can effortlessly reach your goal: comprehensive information of the potential customer and a feeling of security. This is why you are convinced by the use of modern partition systems all along the line.

Solutions for satisfied and motivated employees

Whether in the office or at the stand: A motivated and satisfied employee team is indispensable to ensure that you are truly successful with your products and services. In order to make the work as comfortable as possible for the employees in the field as well as on the outside, it is therefore always advisable to create a certain retreat area where smaller breaks can be spent and a recovery from the often very stressful daily routine of the office or the hustle and bustle Of the event.

With partition walls as sound insulation in the office or as a room divider at trade fairs, these requirements can also be implemented effortlessly and precisely according to your wishes as well as adapted to the respective local conditions. Basically, a good acoustics partition system allows you to build a small coffee or kitchenette or a special bistro area. With such a measure, you will certainly increase the satisfaction and motivation of your employees.

Good acoustical mobile partition walls provide you with exactly the right possibilities.

Sophisticated partition solutions “Made in Germany”

Whether you need an acoustic partition, a visor or a room divider in the office — whenever you want to use partitions, you should pay attention to high quality, as flexible a construction as possible, as well as a long service life.

Before choosing a particular partition system, it is therefore important to take a close look at the quality of the elements offered. We at Leitex offer you in this area all-round partition solutions “Made in Germany”. Our systems are subject to a constantly monitored and consistently solid production process.

The goal is to create first-class opportunities for a successful workday with our products and to revive office landscapes. With the best technical know-how, a lot of experience in the field of wood processing and a good dose of love for practical detail. All this combined, we ensure perfect solutions. Instead of simply producing ordinary room dividers or soundproof walls, we produce flexible modules for appealing office concepts in companies of all sizes.

This allows you to design your office landscape in the best way possible. And your fair appearance anyway.

Silenzio 4.0 from Leitex — the modern possibility of efficient office design

Have you already heard of the acoustic partition system Silenzio 4.0 from Leitex? This modern possibility of efficient office design not only ensures that work areas are separated as required, but also reduces the noise level in an excellent manner. And this is wherever it is needed. In this way, your employees feel good all around, the motivation is increased and the work results are sustainably improved to achieve all-round satisfaction.

Thanks to the integrated felt cover as highly effective insulation material, Silenzio 4.0 can absorb many unpleasant noises. At the same time, the many selectable shapes and surfaces ensure a high degree of flexibility and enable use in almost every area. Whether as a pinboard for attaching important information, as a whiteboard in meeting rooms or with wood paneling for representative events — Silenzio 4.0 always adapts to the current requirements and wishes.

Easy and quick assembly. Without tools and expertise.

One of the greatest advantages of modern partition systems is their incredible flexibility. As easy and quick as the partition walls are built, the later dismantling can be so simple. As a user, you get a perfect solution for temporary and mobile applications.

Neither structural changes are necessary, nor are you required to have special skills or skills. Instead, the installation is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes without tools or other tools.

With the acoustic partition system Silenzio 4.0 from Leitex, you are therefore always well-served and always enjoy the greatest possible freedom of design.

With partitions from Leitex, you create a work environment for your employees, which also satisfies the ergonomic requirements of modern day work in the best way. Finally, passages, safety distances to sources of danger and, last but not least, noise protection measures in a company are not subject to arbitrary management regulations, but are defined in the most stringent terms.

Compliance with these obligations is an obligation for you as an employer and must be permanently ensured. This is the only way to avoid anger with supervisory authorities, the occupational health service or the statutory accident insurance institutions. Partition systems from Leitex enable you to meet the requirements of ergonomics and work safety in the best way.

One more reason to opt for this type of office design.

“We are more than satisfied with our Leitex exhibition building system. We can set up and dismantle our stand and add it to any new trade fair. Leitex Services is enthusiastic about the experienced service and absolutely professional work. “