If you make these 6 mistakes you will never succeed — Find Killer Business Ideas!

For most self-employed and founders, a dream is to be fulfilled. To be your own boss, to implement your own ideas, to enjoy the success achieved and to determine your own life.

Most founders have at least one very successful self-employed person in their environment. You see the income and the life they lead and says, I would like to and also often, which can which I can also. Your own thinking tells you, now you only need a good idea for independence and you can start. Good income, free working time, 4 times vacation a year and and and.

Many people who are interested in becoming independent or starting their own business will never be successful.

Why? They all commit the 6 absolute killer errors.

So that you do not go the same way, I will show you here and of course also explain how you can avoid them.

1. Your idea for independence is bad

To find out if your business idea has great potential and you can start with your idea to independence , there is a very simple way to test this. Test your idea with the following questions on your success potential

Questions about your target group and the problem you want to solve with your idea:

1. Your customer has a problem that he can not or will not solve himself. 
2. Your customer can not avoid the problem 
3. Your customer needs to find a solution. 
4. Your customer has a high pressure of suffering. 
5. Your customer must find a solution in the fastest way. 
6. There is currently no available solution that solves the problem of the customer and fully satisfies his need.

The business idea for your independence or problem solution

1. offers the customer a high benefit 
2. is easy to understand and immediately implementable 
3. is exceptional and unique

You can reach a maximum of “9 JAs” with the questions. If you have reached less than 7 Jas, please think again about your idea. It is your independence and your success depends on how good your idea is.

Here you will find the free ideas check

2. You look only at the result but not the way there

Most people I know do not see the way but only the result. Especially when it comes to assessing others. It is not noticed that an entrepreneur has built up his company for many years using his full private life, but that he now has 2 Porsche in the garage.

Before you start your own business, you must be aware that you will not have a simple life like an employee! It will probably feel “freer”, but you have to work anyway. And this in the initial phase usually twice as much as an employee.

All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. A desire, from which arise several goals and an unbounded will to fulfill the goals and thus the wishes. It requires absolute dedication, it will cost you your free time, it will cost you a lot of strength. But you alone decide how important your desire is.

“Entrepreneurs are people who voluntarily work 80 hours a week, in order not to have to work 40 hours.”

Be clear about your motivation for independence. Take time for your vision. If only your account is the decisive point and the even temporary, then you prefer a 400, — € job.

Read more about the topic of freedom and independence here

In order to make you independent with your idea, you need a concrete plan. You have to define milestones, specify your goals and then work constantly on them.

3. You do not know the meaning of the word TUN.

90% of all business ideas are not implemented, because the one who had the idea of being totally bogged down in planning or simply doing nothing that actually brings him closer to his goal. It is planned and planned and planned and very quickly one finds oneself thereby again, how one calculates itself on the pocket calculator his future income.

So that your new idea does not get stuck in the concept phase, and your dream of self-reliance bursts, it is important that you know the meaning of the word TUN exactly.

TUN means day and night or not unnecessary junk.

Any idea that is not implemented within 72 hours will never be implemented (under “translating”, this is to be understood in measurable steps)

But it is not just enough to “DO,” but you have to do the right thing at the right time in the right way. Only then will you succeed. It is said that every idea that is not implemented within 72 hours is never implemented. (It’s in your hand, if you sit three hours in front of the TV every evening, or rather spend time in your business.) Too many people do not want money “have” money “For earning money you have to do something for the first time.

“First shovel, then bushel”

Has Martin Limbeck, one of the top sales traders in one of his books, or “sow first, then reap”.

If you want to build your own business, it means you spend almost every free minute building your business, your education and your progress. Your goals are only yours, no one else, so you can do something for it! If you do nothing, nothing will happen and your independence will not be successful.

Here you will find more about TUN, efficiency and why your idea is worth nothing

4. You are trying to reinvent the wheel and are confident

Any idea you have had 9 others before you already! Just right, it does not matter how innovative and creative you are, it depends on the fact that you do it differently than the 9 people before you. If you want to become self-employed, it is just as important for you to expand your own knowledge. And you learn best from experts.

An expert sells his knowledge for 30 €, 300 € or also 3,000 €. A lot of money for a few pages of paper you might think. This expert, however, has spent the past 5 years developing his knowledge steadily by attending 5 seminars and reading 10 books each year. This results in a total investment of 25 seminars and 50 books. And this collected and edited knowledge you can now buy from him at a fraction of his own investment. I think this is a fair offer. It saves me costs, time and errors and I can start immediately.

Better and more efficient is not!

If you want to be self-sufficient with your idea, then you have to invest. Both in your business and in yourself. In your entrepreneurial personality. If you are already too much risk 50 €, please find a 400, — € job. For then independence is not the right thing for you. No matter how good your idea is.

If you never take a risk, if you do not change your habits, if you are not ready to try new, then nothing will change.

Here you will find a list of different ebooks and online courses that help you

5. You did not do your homework

In order to be self- sufficient, you need a lot of know-how. There are several success factors that will show you exactly where you are on the right path and help you step forward step by step.

But before you have your idea for self-employment, you have to do your homework. And that is the same as in school. If you do not make it, you will get your missing knowledge in one of the next tests on your feet.

This includes, among other things, the ideas check, a marketing concept, expert knowledge in your area, etc. If you think that you are opening up your business quickly without a plan, and the customers then automatically break the booth, this will not work. As a self-employed you can talk about the 1–2 months beautiful. But at the latest, if after the third month no income comes, one becomes restless.

You can avoid this by carefully reviewing your independence, from the idea to the implementation.

In my ebook you get exactly for a practice-oriented step by step guide

6. You do not believe in yourself and your own abilities

Already in the Bible stands:

“If your faith were as great as a mustard, you would say to the mulberry tree,” Take your roots out of the ground and transplant you into the sea, and he will obey you. “

Trust yourself and your talents and believe in yourself!

The sentence “Think positive!” You know for sure. This basically expresses exactly what is running in the background in short form. You determine your thoughts, so your subconscious mind and ultimately your deeds and their results.

In order to reinforce positive thinking and to manifest in your subconscious mind, there is a simple but at the same time very effective method — start dreaming! Yes, it is so easy to develop and expand your own attitude and creative power. Every successful company nowadays has a corporate vision, so why not you?

Where would you like to be in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years? And please do not think practical, but dream.

Imagine what kind of house you own, what car you drive, what your income is, etc. Put yourself in the future position of your feelings, ie how will you feel when these ideas have been realized.

Your success vision you speak aloud — every day — as often as you can

You will read your own vision as often as you can every day, as long as your consciousness has accepted it, and thus transmit it to your subconscious mind.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Pay attention to your words, for they become acts.
Watch your actions, because they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny


If you take these six points to heart and the other articles to complement, you can get an accurate picture of whether your idea for self-employment is good or not. Just make yourself independent with some idea without testing and without proper concept, so you will surely not be successful.

If you compare hotels, beaches and places of interest for your summer holiday, should not you plan your life better?