Mobile flexible Exhibition stands for your success

Trade fairs, exhibitions, presentations — wherever companies present products and services, there are countless opportunities for successful customer contact. Whether a direct end-customer approach is to be achieved or operated in the B2B sector is a matter of course. What is important is a completely successful appearance. From A as display display to Z as access path.

With the right measuring systems, you and your company can get great results. And this as a young start-up company or a medium-sized family business as well as a large corporation. The decisive factor, however, is in each case a well-conceived and in all details appealing measuring stand. Only if everything is right and a harmonious overall picture emerges, you will be able to convince potential customers of your offers. Modular measuring systems help you to achieve the most effective results and make every measurement performance a success on the whole thanks to its high flexibility and versatility.

The right concept is the beginning

A comprehensive and clever strategy is essential for your trade fair to be successful from the outset. Starting with the question of the right location and the required space requirements, the type of presentation plays an important role. As a rule, almost every fair offers countless success opportunities.

Because if you present your products and services in an appealing as well as convincing manner to a specialist audience or the interested public, you will not only pay attention, but also increase the awareness level of your company and thus increase demand and sales.

In order to ensure that your performance is truly a hit in every respect, you should start with a high-quality design of your test stand. After all, you want to make sure that your offers are presented as best as possible.

However, you can do this only with a presentation that is perfectly aligned with the respective target group and a design that takes your potential customers fully into view. Here, modern stand construction systems in modular construction help you in particular .

Two fairs in a week? No problem!

Imagine the following situation: You are represented with your company from Monday to Wednesday at a long-planned trade fair in Cologne and will now be given the tempting opportunity to present your products as part of an international market presentation in Munich on the following Friday. The challenge: You would have to move your entire presentation equipment from the Rhine to the Bavarian state capital within less than 48 hours.

Connected of course with a complete dismantling and rebuilding of your test stand. This is an impossibility with conventional stationary models with stationary elements or even walls and floors specially produced for the respective exhibition venue. On the other hand, it is a matter of a mobile stand, because with a trade fair modular system , you will not only remain flexible, but you will also benefit from rapid disassembly, easy transport and a new set-up in just a few hours.

A modular exhibition system therefore offers you a decisive advantage over conventional measuring stand solutions.

With modular measuring systems, personnel costs and effort can be saved

How much staff do you need for your messestand? Usually much more than you probably believe at first sight. Because if you want to answer this question correctly, you can count not only the hostesses, your company representatives and, if necessary, head supervisors. In the normal case, you must always remember all the technicians and craftsmen who build the stand and dismantle it after the end of the fair.

In conventional measuring systems, this is often associated with a great deal of effort, which is why you may be faced with quite generous personnel costs. In many cases, it is even necessary to outsource certain activities (such as carpentry work) to external service providers. A fact that costs you a lot of extra money and which takes a lot of time. This is quite different in the case of the modular modular system.

Here you can reduce your measuring equipment with little effort and often even with the normal stand personnel and later again. In this way, you save not only costs, you also avoid many logistical uncertainties and are not dependent on the deadline of external craftsmen.

A stand construction system also allows separate areas

If you are designing your test stand , you should already clarify in the early planning phase whether you also want to send visitors (for example, trade representatives) to your test stand. In such a case, a small kitchen line will help you find the right place to store food and beverages as well as prepare a small snack. Also, keep in mind that your employees may be pausing from time to time and would like to move into a separate area. And, last but not least, there are always customer discussions, which are to take place in the discreet atmosphere as far away as possible.

All these requirements can be fulfilled excellently with a mobile measuring stand in modular design. In this respect, your design requirements are virtually unlimited in terms of the spatial distribution and arrangement. Whether you want to create a small kitchen, a bistro area or a meeting place — with modular measuring systems, all doors are open to you.

Everything you can expect from good measuring systems

Modular measuring systems give you a lot of creative freedom to design. Whether a spacious stand with direct product demonstration, Schauraum or Infotheke — the simple and almost inexhaustible variety of the combination of individual elements allows you virtually any desired stand solution.

In this way, you can meet the respective local conditions of the exhibition grounds, the hall or the open-air area, and also create the right setting for each of your products. Sometimes discreet and reserved, sometimes prominent and directly in the spotlight. Just as you wish. 
Many colors and shapes are possible

Without question, the visual appearance of good modular measurement systems speaks for itself. In the process, it is no longer necessary to have everything in white, but can also be provided in bright colors or even printed with text, photos or graphics without much effort. Even whiteboard or blackboard surfaces are no problem.

And whoever is looking for illuminated displays, LED spotlights or fabric panels will also be delighted. Ultimately, the individual elements of the trade fair should then also be shaped so that you can store them simply and space-saving thanks to their dimensions. Just like the high-quality system components from Leitex. They enable both a perfect appearance at the stand as well as a gentle and easy storage.

Leitex simply makes your trade fair a success

As a reliable and competent manufacturer of stand construction products, Leitex has a long-term experience in this field. For example, Leitex 4.0 provides an easy-to-install and exceptionally transportable trade fair construction system. Not only is the set-up and dismantling a child’s play, but the individual elements can also be easily extended and expanded. In this way, you will always be able to enjoy a state-of-the-art presentation and the aim of your presentation. And thanks to their high flexibility, the Leitex modules can also be used on company-internal events and even in office space. Whether as a light but effective partition wall,

Construction without tools and technical knowledge

To build your mobile stand, you did not need any tools or technical knowledge. At least not if you opt for the innovative system Leitex 4.0.

Thanks to the powerful connectors made of durable steel, the assembly is quick and easy. The light-weight modules are connected to each other in the system in a force-locking and form-fitting manner, thus guaranteeing a stable support and a secure stand.

With the infinitely variable height adjusters made of aluminum, floor irregularities can also be effectively compensated for. And because of its light weight, the handling of the Leitex exhibition building modules is basically possible without additional tools.

A mobile measuring stand with quality requirements

If you opt for a mobile measuring stand from Leitex, you get quality “Made in Germany”.

Thanks to years of experience, the best technical know-how and a lot of passion for attractive presentations, you can always be sure to purchase modern, future-proof and all-round high-quality stand construction systems.

In addition to expert craftsmanship and the processing of high-quality products, the right-of-the-minute production of the required elements, which is exactly aligned to the individual order, ensures satisfaction all along the line.

No wonder, therefore, that enthusiastic customers are always looking forward to the mobile measuring systems from Leitex.

Quality finally gets through and speaks quickly.

Your success is just one call away

Are you already planning your next trade fair? Then take advantage of the opportunity and let yourself be convinced by the many advantages of Leitex’s modular stand construction systems. It is best to contact us today and arrange a non-binding consultation date. Or you request brochures and inform yourself about the performance and flexibility of the Leitex products. We are sure: With our stand construction systems, you will be satisfied in every respect.

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