The Bitcoin ATM Project is a project aiming to introduce a wide range of ATMs across the United States. Find out how it plans to do that today in our review.

What is the Bitcoin ATM Project?

The Bitcoin ATM Project, found online at, is a campaign to introduce bitcoin ATMs nationwide.

The company also…

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Bitcoin — the virtual or leading digital currency in the world, has been in the business for several years now. Though, a lot of people have a lot of questions about it, the legality, investment potential and how you can use it on a day to day…

Tom Clancy on 31/10/2017

The future of cryptocurrency is here — Bitcoin ATM’s

The Bitcoin ATM Project’s vision is to have a cryptoATM in every neighborhood across the United States — and you can be a part of it.

Bitcoin ATMs are the fastest, most convenient way to purchase or sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies. These ATMs allow…

The Bitcoin ATM Project’s vision is to have a cryptoATM in every neighborhood across the United States — be part of it.

CryptoCoins (CCO) are a revenue sharing token allowing investors to receive quarterly payments in the form of dividends collected from Bitcoin ATM transaction fees. …

What is Bitcoin ATM Project

Bitcoin ATM project is a crowdfunded operation in the purchase and maintenance of Bitcoin ATMs across the United States. Fees generated from the usage of the ATMs will be made available to investors in the project via a revenue share model.

What’s In It For Me? <Bitcoin ATM Project ICO>

Sometimes we all need to ask the question ‘what’s in it for me’, its not a selfish question, especially when it directly correlates to investing. Many ICOs offer investors very little but speculation. You fund their project and they reward you with little more than risk.

We here at Bitcoin ATM Project have a different belief system, we believe in rewarding the people who have supported our project. We have setup a system that rewards ICO investors, here’s how it works:

Revenue Share For CCO Investors

Fees generated by Bitcoin…

The Bitcoin ATM Project has two missions — to implement Bitcoin ATMs nationwide in the United States so that they are accessible to every person in the country — along with releasing a crypto-based debit card that can be used at these ATMs and at physical merchants and retailers worldwide.

Promoting Mass Adoption In Crypto

The goal of this Project is to bring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to the everyday life of people around the world. This will only happen if we can make Bitcoin accessible, easy to understand and “mainstream” enough so that large scale adoption of Bitcoin and other digital commodities can continue…

Bitcoin ATM Project

Bitcoin ATM Project is placing Bitcoin ATMs nationwide throughout the US. <Revenue Share> Pre-sale now in progress:

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