Bitcoin Atom team releases version 0.3 — alpha of Tritium Decentralized Exchange

Tritium 0.3 — alpha can be downloaded on Github.

This release contains the second pack of essential features which have blocked us from rolling out new functionality for months, namely integrating Ethereum and launching ETH/BTC & ERC20/BTC swaps:

Bitcoin Atom team releases version 0.2 — alpha of Tritium Decentralized Exchange

Tritium 0.2 — alpha can be downloaded on Github.

Current major release includes most essential tasks from the Tritium pipeline, namely:

  • Automatic swap audits
  • Swap refunds
  • Swap status view
  • Single keypair per crypto
  • New balance updates logic
  • Validation…

Bitcoin Atom’s Lightning Network (LN) has been running for a while now, and currently has capacity to transfer up to 1,000 BCA in a single off-chain payment executed almost instantly.

As we are moving closer to adding LN support with instant swaps to the Tritium app, it is crucial to…

Bitcoin Atom team announces α/preview release of Atomic Swap Trading Exchange designed for seamless and fully-automatic swaps between heterogeneous blockchains.

Download Tritium 0.1α:

Tritium Alpha supports all major OS — Windows, macOS & Linux builds are available for download. …

Bitcoin Atom team announces release of Testnet BCA Faucet, ahead of the upcoming major “Tritium” release.

Get your testnet BCA coins here:

We have observed a steady demand for testnet BCA coins from various developers. …

One of the most trusted Bitcoin wallets is now available for BCA

“Securing Bitcoin payments since 2011, Electrum is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets.”


“Electrum’s focus is speed and simplicity, with low resource usage. It uses remote servers that handle the most complicated parts of the…

Ahead of the upcoming Atomic Swap exchange launch from the Bitcoin Atom team

The Bitcoin Atom team has announced the completion of essential components for ATOM DEX, the decentralized exchange based on Atomic Swap technology.

The initial launch is intended to take place within a few months, which will then…

Major New Features Coming in the Second Half of 2018

The Bitcoin Atom team has announced several new exchange partners and an updated project roadmap.

New Bitcoin Atom Exchange Partners




Bitlish (coming)

Updated Roadmap

Jul 2018 Atom Engine and LN Swaps

Aug 2018 Swaps GUI


Per our recent advancements on developing and integrating the Bitcoin Atom HTLC API into the most widely used blockchains, we have successfully conducted on-chain atomic swaps between BCA and other major cryptocurrencies on the mainnet.

These are proof-of-concept atomic swaps performed via HTLC API across the most established blockchains, and…

Details on bounty distribution and other related topics

Have I received my BCA bounty payment?

If you can see your Bitcoin address on the Atom Bounty spreadsheet, you have received your BCA bounty payment. …

Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with atomic swaps, hybrid consensus and lightning network.

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