Bitcoin Atom Releases Tritium 0.1α — Native Atomic Swap Exchange

Bitcoin Atom team announces α/preview release of Atomic Swap Trading Exchange designed for seamless and fully-automatic swaps between heterogeneous blockchains.

Download Tritium 0.1α:

Tritium Alpha supports all major OS — Windows, macOS & Linux builds are available for download. For additional security, please verify checksums and signatures of app downloads before launching.

Checksums of downloads are GPG signed by rootSig (Bitcoin Atom core developer):

RSA key 3A029F07490F995FC637839968085EC8EF77E9D7

This release contains an open-source server-side atom-engine app binary, which is utilized by Tritium clients to facilitate pseudonymous swap data exchanges between the parties of a P2P trade, not hindering swap privacy and / or security.

To launch Tritium:

Step 1 (optional). Verify archive checksums and GPG signatures.

Step 2. Unarchive and launch the app binary:

Windows: Unzip the archive and launch ‘Tritium.exe’ executable

macOS / Linux: Untar the archive and launch ‘Tritium’ executable

By default, Tritium launches in a testnet environment per current Alpha release phase. Optionally, you may launch Tritium in mainnet by using the -mainnet flag, though we strongly advise you to wait for future releases to swap mainnet coins. We are actively working on existing bugs and additional features, such as automatic swap refunds. In the current version if either party in a swap goes offline it may lead to a swap being stuck permanently.

Grab testnet coins for swapping:

Source code:

We have open-sourced the swap-related C++ source code and the server-side atom-engine application, available for community review:

Limitations of the current release:

  1. Swaps between BCA and BTC blockchains only
  2. No automatic swap refunds (thus testnet usage only)
  3. Most auxiliary DEX sections disabled until next release
  4. Offline user status does not affect order statuses (causing swaps to freeze until user is back online)
  5. Instantaneous swaps not adhering to proper double spending prevention
  6. Bulk key pairs generation for every supported currency (causes delays in balance processing)

We are addressing these and other issues and working hard to eliminate these limitations in the future Tritium releases.

Community Involvement & Contributions:

We encourage the BCA community to join our effort in making a simple and user-friendly P2P trading experience, accessible for all.

If you share this mission and our vision, please contribute to bug fixing and improving Tritium by opening public Issues here:

Please include your OS version and log contents in your message. Tritium logs are located just next to its executable in the Tritium.log file.

If you feel that we are doing the right thing and want to contribute as a C++ developer, drop us a message on Telegram: or send email to:

Some screens from the current release and the upcoming Tritium releases:

We have designed Tritium from the ground up as a scalable and full-featured client application, capable of conducting atomic swaps not only between HTLC-compatible blockchains such as BTC, LTC, DCR, but also across different blockchain implementations, such as ETH & ERC20 tokens, EOS tokens and other cryptos.

As opposed to other existing atomic swap exchange solutions, Bitcoin Atom’s Tritium is a native app written in C++, aiming at becoming the fastest all-inclusive P2P trading crypto app, giving users full control of their private keys, while also dramatically simplifying interacting with different coins across various chains.

Our ultimate goal is making Atomic Swap Trading with full control over your own digital assets as simple and straightforward as trading on existing centralized exchanges. Clear benefit would be that you do not need to trust intermediaries holding even a small fraction of our own funds, with all funds solely in control of the owner.

We have carefully designed existing architecture to keep it technologically simple, yet convenient and easy to use, without sacrificing security and privacy for end users. Still, we have a few issues to address immediately and many new features to implement — this is what we are focused on now. Further, BCA team is committed to eventually make Tritium available on other major platforms, including Android, iOS, Web.

Feel free to contact us, share your feedback, ideas and suggestions in our official Telegram community channel:

If you are thrilled about the Bitcoin Atom project as we are, please consider helping the project with development effort and / or contributing to getting BCA listed on more exchanges and wallets.

About Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with on-chain atomic swaps on board and hybrid consensus. Bitcoin Atom enables truly decentralized digital asset exchange by utilizing hash time-locked contracts (HTLCs) and its own HTLC API, giving independence from intermediaries and any centralized entities.

Bitcoin Atom’s development team is working on a special embedded toolkit for both on-chain and off-chain atomic swaps, allowing for exchanging any cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free way across different blockchains.

Our aim involves introducing support for both on-chain and off-chain decentralized trades in a single trading app, available on all major platforms.

For additional information, please visit Bitcoin Atom’s website at