Bakkt, by supply and demand

Donnie Gebert
Aug 17 · 4 min read

The IMF has been a bit slow in understanding the new monetary changes. Who can blame them. A new technology arrived to say “You’re not in charge of this anymore” and the central bankers the world over have responded by lowering interest rates, their fiber intake, and other necessary adjustments.

Others like the folks at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), have embraced the new currencies with gusto by scheduling, rescheduling, advertising, and balking in every public way possible while still getting people to report on their verbosity, with zero tangible progress. ICE has, again, threatened to open the Bakkt exchange on September 23rd. While this could be a real date, and I think it is, we’ll just see. The faux announcements have cried wolf too many times. The announcement is filled with regulatory jargon that has no bearing on the functioning of a blockchain but the system will continue to pretend it’s regulators matter until the people reporting it wise up. (Lookin @ you Bam)
Apparently there’s also a crypto warehouse to secure the crypto, which demonstrates that private keys and decentralization are not at the forefront of these people decision making. The need for ‘financial services’ is going the way of the wainwright and the cobbler; very few traders or money managers want you to know this or what Coinigy is. Get savvy…

However, based on the advertised testing dates of Bakkt and the ETH bridge by Syscoin, it’s my contention that the offerings on Bakkt will be done in the Spark wallet at the speed of the SYS blockchain, 60k tps. So, I am proceeding as this is actual news and assuming it true.

Here are the coins listed on Bakkt / their total supply / their available supply:
*Aelf / 1B / 500M
*Ardor / 1B / 1B
*ADA / 45B / 26B
*BAT / 1.5B / 1.2B
BTC / 21M /13M (~4M missing, ~3M unmined)
BCHABC / 21M /13M (~4M missing, ~3M unmined)
BCHSV / 21M /13M (~4M missing, ~3M unmined)
BTG / 21M /13M (~4M missing, ~3M unmined)
*Bytom / 1.4B / 1B
*Cybermiles / 1B / 800M
* / 100B / 9B
DASH /18.9M / 9M
*MANA / 2.65B / 1B
*DGB / 21B /12.2B
*DOGE / +5B per year, no max / 121B
(Ever decreasing inflation rate; 3% in 2025, 2.5% in 2031,…)
Elastos / 35M / 16M
EOS / 1.024B / 928M
ETH / Mined no max, PoS in 2020 / 108M
ETC /210M / 113M
GAS / 17M / 10M
Gemini Dollar (1USD)
*ICON / 800M / 490M
*IOST / 21B / 12B
*Kyber Network / 213M / 168M
LTC / 84M / 63M
LSK /135M /120M
*Metaverse ETP / 100M / 73M
*IOTA /2.78B / 2.78B
*Mitril / 1B / 630M
*XLM / 105B / 19B
*Nebulas / 104M / 49M
*NEM / DYOR / 9B
NEO / 100M / 70M
*OCN / 10B / 6.7B
OMG / Mined, no cap / 140M
*ONT / 1B / 534M
QTUM / 108M / 95M
*XRP / 100B / 43B
*SIA / Mined, no cap / 41.8B
*SNT / 6.8B /3.5B
*STEEM / 358M / 341M
*XLM / 105B / 20B
*TenX / 205M /116M
*THETA / 1B / 871M
Tether (1USD)
*TRX / 99.3B / 66.7B
*VeChain / 87B /56B
*XVG / 16.5B / 15.9B
Waltonchain / 100M /42M
ZEC / Mined, no cap/ 7.2M
*ZIL /12.5B / 8.7B
*ZRX / 1B /600M

The * denotes coins that are trading at less than 1 USD on date of posting.
Total # of * coins available, any price: ~484,425,200,000
Total # of * coins available, less than 1 USD: ~482,652,000,000

I’m not making a case for any one coin. I’m making a case for Web 3.0. I’m making the case that there’s A LOT more than .5T USD seeking the new commodity moneys, and that’s assuming they are equal to their stablecoing counterpart, which is digital fiat and functionally limitless. The scale of the fiat, dollars and all of the other fiat that is fundamentally denominated in dollars, is massive by comparison.

The kilogram has been properly scrutinized as a unit of measure. The US dollar is about to go through that process. It will be weighed, measured, and found wanting by most of humanity, as is being displayed by the rejection of SWIFT, the current trade war, and the monetary experiments that lead to both. None of that has a lot of bearing on you. The weakening fiat against all forms of commodity money is something that does have bearing on you.

All of the tokens on the Bakkt platform will have access to the fiat pool of the US financial industry. Those also listed on Coinbase and Binance will have access the retail money of ~3 billion people. While one must DYOR and take your own risks, it is my opinion that many of those “shitcoins” comprise of Web 3.0. The volume of fiat, the instability of that fiat (hence the deceptive dialectic ‘stable coin’), and the scarcity of these assets should demonstrate Gresham’s Law, the “good money chasing out bad” effect, coupled with the next tech boom.

Donnie Gebert is a former military intelligence analyst who served in the US Army and Navy.

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