Bitcoin, The Blockchain And Casinos In 2019

Bitcoin Gambling 2019

Bitcoin has not become the worlds new reserve currency but it has had a devastating effect on the financial sector and is changing the way that this industry works. The banking sector is the first to experience the full force of what this new innovative technology is able to create and it is soon going to be impacting most industries around the world. Casinos and gambling is one area that this tech can have a major role in shaping its future and in this article I will discuss what to expect in 2019.

Casino And Gambling Money Transfers

Crypto has been accepted at casino and betting sites for a number of years now with BTC the most popular. Operators have come up with new exciting promotions and next year we will see more cool offers such as bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2019 codes. The reason why they want to attract players that hold cryptocurrency is due to the fact that many of these became millionaires that were early investors and the casinos would like to get their hands on some of the vast sums available. It also allows them to send payments much easier than fiat based systems which enables them to receive along with send without having any issues at all.

Easier Registration And Greater Privacy

There are many different types of crypto gaming platforms but the most successful enable gamblers to bet anonymously. Popular sites such a Bitcoin Casino US are able to offer anonymity due to been a cryptocurrency only platform. Players only have to use their email and BTC wallet address to sign up for an account and if a no deposit code 2019 is used during the process, free spins will be added as an extra reward. One of the best things is that it means that it eliminates the hassle of having to provide proof of identity and address which can take weeks to get approved at some traditional online casinos.

Blockchain Games Trust

Gamblers have had to put their faith in online casino operators that everything is advertised and no tampering is taking place. Over the years this trust level has diminished due to rogue casinos giving the industry a bad name. The blockchain provides a decentralized platform that transparent and when games run on it the results are provably fair because each bet can be confirmed. Due to everything happening in the open it means that these platforms can be fully trusted, unlike its traditional counterparts.

Decentralized Blockchain Gaming In 2019

The blockchain is perfect for casinos as it allows enhanced security along with immutability on a decentralized platform. It has also allowed for players to enjoy a percentage share of the house edge which should help elevate this sector to new levels as with traditional online casinos it is not possible to carry out this action.


Cryptocurrency technology is proving developers with new tools to create a future of online gambling that rewards the community along with bringing trust and better chances to win to the sector. This tech will be highly disruptive over 2019 as the development of new smart contract platforms launch which will completely evolve the sector in the coming years.