Choosing The Best Bitcoin Slots Machines To Play

Best Bitcoin Slots Machines

Before online slots were introduced the only way to play was in a pub, club casino etc where the one armed bandits were predominant. You had no idea of odds but if you were crafty and kept an eye on them you could work out roughly when a jackpot was due and keep playing until it dropped. However, those days have gone. Nearly all are now electronically controlled and online ones have developed from all recognition.

Random Number Generator Slots

One of the major changes has been the introduction of Random Number Generator (RNG) which makes the playing of slots the fairest it has ever been and the technology behind it keep on improving the gambling experience. There are now hundreds of different Bitcoin slots machines and hundreds of new titles coming out each month. As a new fad or a favorite film comes out games are built around it, all to keep us interested and increase the chances of us enjoying the experience and keeping playing.

Progressive Jackpot Bitcoin Slots

The first thing to do before starting to play is set yourself a budget and make sure you stick to it. By picking slots that accept small bets you will gain experience of what is involved and if you are betting with Bitcoin this allows you to play in very small amounts. As you get more experience you can progress to games that have higher pay outs though they will require higher amounts to play. This leads on to progressive slots which can be a life changer if you win as they can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Bitcoin Slots Free Spins

Bonuses can be another way of generating extra wins and can be taken advantage of when you are playing. There are so many different types it all depends on the BTC Casino site you are playing on. One of the best available is the Betchain Bonus Code 2017 which gives players free spins each Friday for three months from a single deposit.

Gameplay & Customer Service

It has always been my experience that the better-established sites with first class graphics and good customer service provide the best experience and care should be taken in picking the one that suits you best. Playing through your browser rather than downloading casino software is always a sensible thing to do as is checking the return to the player percentage as they can vary from casino to casino.


If you start to have a losing streak the take a rest and start again with small bets in order to stabilize your budget. If you are not 100% happy with the casino you are playing with make sure you change straight away especially if the site has poor customer service. To find the best selections of Bitcoin Slots free spins bonuses and no deposit promos.