The coming change of the financial system as we know it

If you have any common sense and are willing to spend a few days research, you will come to the conclusion that the financial system as we know it is about to collapse. All you need to do is to understand what the word derivative means and look into the size of the market.

A derivative is a future bet and the size of the market is over 4 times greater than the worlds banking system. It has brought about the last two financial crashes and is now a far greater size than you could possibly imagine. What happens when everyone wants the same bet? Just look at the financial crash of 2007 and you will find your answer.

I have decided to set up my businesses so that they survive and grow during the ever closer crash. I have set up the website called Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus and also have a UFC YouTube Chanel. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is going to replace fiat money in the near future so this is one of the main reasons I want to get into the space. Another reason is that the keyword “Bitcoin Dice” gets 22,000 searches each month. The site that was ranking third sold for 11.5 million and I am certain I can at least hit the top 10 over the following months and exit.

The main reason I went for a YouTube Channel is because if more people are unemployed, the more traffic YouTube will get. Also hopefully it is large enough to survive the coming financial crisis but nothing is guaranteed.