USA Online Casino Trends Heading Into 2019

USA Casino Trends 2019

The future of online casinos in the USA looks bright as many states are looking to overturn gambling restrictions during 2019. It will mean that it will create one of the worlds largest gambling hubs and put an end to the huge volume of black-market bets that are placed each day. Lawmakers are finally realizing that trying to ban gambling is not possible due to many ways that punters can access online sites to bypass restrictions. It will also bring in a huge amount of revenue to areas whose budgets have been slashed over the years since the financial crisis and are in much need to extra capital to provide services.

The trends so far show that sports betting is an area that will have the most success with regards having restrictions uplifted. All of the top gambling platforms are getting ready for the laws to be changed and are paying special attention to creating fantastic American sportsbooks to compliment their casino’s games. One area which many are focusing on is the cryptocurrency technology and they are even coming up with amazing USA No Deposit Bonus Bitcoin Casino promotions to tempt new players into joining.

Casino Games Trends 2019

One of the most popular gambling games in the USA is poker with both the video along with against other competitors online been played by millions of Americans each month. Many have had to access foreign sites to be able to play these games legally which can cause big issues should they run into problems getting their money back. Hopefully, legislators will recognize the problem and legalize casino games in the U.S. so that players can have the protections that are required for a safe gambling experience.

Decentralized Betting Platforms USA

Bitcoin has fuel huge innovation in the gambling sector and we are about to see the full extent of the rewards during 2019. The standout blockchain powered sites to look out for are decentralized betting platforms in the USA that do not require a middleman or any registration to gamble. These will allow anyone from all parts of the world including those countries that have a restriction in place to place wagers securely and anonymously.

Blockchain Games USA

One of the hottest USA gaming trends heading into 2019 is for Blockchain games. This format of the game uses crypto technology to provide unrivaled transparency, fairness and house edge. They are available to play using many cryptocurrencies and can even be played anonymously which means they can be accessed by players from the U.S.


The legality of gambling is always going to be a hot topic of debate in the USA and up until developments this year it looked like it would always be banned. Now that states have won challenges against these restrictions so that they can start offering certain types of betting activity, it is a certainty that others will follow. With the size of the revenue produced by taxing these activities and states struggling for money, many will attempt to overturn the ban in 2019 so that they can enjoy extra money via the taxes raised.