Population-wise, every “one” American is outnumbered by “four” Chinese. The majority can eventually dictate the whole ‘truth’ of COVID-19.

On March 16th, 2020, the Chinese Ambassador to South Africa retweets the publication, COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US

image source (twitter @AmbLINSongtian). GlobalResearch.ca article

American venture capitalist Paul Graham questions the retweet…

BTFD”: Buy the F*cking Dip’

Coin Bros. ‘BTFD’

The case for Bitcoin (₿); Since March 13th,

  • Fed cuts rates by 100bps to 0–25bps from 1.00 -1.25bps.

Your elitist capital markets have much to improve on. For instance, only a mere 7% intra-day price drop and automatically, circuit breakers get triggered; it’s for the second time this week!

Traders, you’re at risk. Focusing only on one market is “comfortable” but your way of life, your ability to earn your living is self-limiting. The trading hours are fixed, the circuit breakers are a hindrance.

In my world, the markets are always opportunistic. We’re always ‘ON’ 24–7–365.

Compared to fiat, volatility is high and you can swing as much as you want with prices fluctuating from USD 7,200 to USD 5,678 in a mere 15 minutes!

See the correction? Coingecko.com accessed on Friday the 13th.

Diversify out of equities. Diversify INTO a world where opportunities exist 24–7–365. Ride the wave, diversify the risk, now’s the time to try a new asset class.

I am freedom. I am liberation. Join me.

Bitcoin (₿)

I am freedom. Join the liberation.

My parent(s) is Satoshi Nakamoto and I was released into this world on January 9th, 2009.

At present, the world is collapsing.

115,000 people have been infected globally by an unknown highly contagious pathogen originating from Wuhan, China called “coronavirus”; more than 4,000 have been slain and more are expected…

Bitcoin Confessions

I am freedom. Join the liberation.

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