The following articles guide you through the setup of the BTCN Gateway Service, which allows you to accept BTCN as a form of payment on your WooCommerce webshop.

Try the BTCN Gateway Service yourself using our test shop on You can place an order and complete payment using BTCN.



If you need any help, please get in touch with or reach out to the community on social media:


In this final step we’re going to connect the Gateway to your WooCommerce webshop

1. Make sure you installed WordPress and WooCommerce. If you haven’t, follow this manual to set both up.

Note: instead of following the following steps, you may also get the WooCommerce plugin from here. Skip to step 6 if you did.

2. Go to this GitHub page. Click Clone or download > Download ZIP to start downloading the BitcoiNote WooCommerce plugin.

3. Login to WP Admin on []/wp-admin .

Once synchronization of the daemon completes we will test the Gateway setup

1. You can visit the gateway admin using http://<domain>:38071/admin, with the correct domain/IP filled in.
Log in with username client and the gateway password that you set earlier.

2. It's normal that a "wallet problem" is displayed while the daemon is still syncing. If you’re seeing this, please go back to step 3 and wait for the synchronization to complete. If not, you may continue below.

You just connected to your server using SFTP.

1. In WinSCP, click this button to open PuTTY in order to run commands on the server.

2. Just run the following command on the server:

bash <(wget -qO-

…and follow the instructions. You will be prompted for the following things:

3. Enter a wallet password and remember it. Press “return” to continue.

4. Enter your domain name or IP address of the server. Using a domain name is preferred. Press “return” to continue.

5. Enter a different password for the gateway and remember it. Press “return” to continue.

6. Enter an IPN secret. It’s like another password. Remember…

If you are using Windows, you would need to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to and click ‘here’.

2. Select “putty-64bit-0.71-installer.msi”. Wait for the download to complete and open the downloaded file to start the installer.

You will need a sever running Ubuntu 16+ to set up the BTCN Gateway Service. Follow these steps to set that up using Amazon EC2.

The following configuration will cost approximately $10 per month. You can also use any other hosting provider to host the gateway.

1. If you don’t have an account at Amazon Web Services yet, create one.

2. Log in to your Amazon Console. Go to Services -> EC2.

3. Go to “Instances” and click “Launch Instance”.

Just one year ago, BitcoiNote was announced. While the coin is still young, we have made tremendous steps in the development of BitcoiNote and have been blown away by the community support. Thank you all for helping to grow the BitcoiNote community.

We hosted many airdrop and bounty campaigns, expanded the reach of the coin and you all helped grow the community around the most private and secure coin on the market. Thank you, to all who believe in BitcoiNote, for an amazing year!

By the numbers

The statistics of 2018 are impressive:

  • 246,228 blocks were mined

Improvements & updates

In 2018, numerous updates and improvements for BitcoiNote were launched, including:

The BitcoiNote community has been telling us they find it difficult to purchase cryptocurrency. It requires opening an exchange account, depositing cryptocurrency, buying another cryptocurrency and withdrawing it to a personal wallet.

Today, we’re simplifying this process for BitcoiNote: introducing the BitcoiNote Express Exchange; the simplest, safest and fastest way to exchange BTC for BTCN.

Unlike most exchange services, the BitcoiNote Express Exchange is extremely fast! Where others may require a waiting time of up to 30 minutes, the BitcoiNote Express Exchange makes the conversion almost instantly, requiring only a few minutes to make an exchange. The BitcoiNote Express Exchange is up to 30 times faster than its competitors!

How does it work?

Very simple! It requires no account and just a few clicks.

1. Set the amount

Type in the…

We’re excited to announce the next major update to BitcoiNote. The update brings many improvements, but all users need to update their software to be able to continue using BitcoiNote.

What’s new?

This update to BitcoiNote is a major milestone in our roadmap. It includes a number of major improvements.

ASIC resistance

BitcoiNote was designed to be the “real people’s coin”, accessible to all and mineable by all. Therefore, ASIC resistance is extremely important to us. We constantly want to ensure a leveled playing field. This BitcoiNote update introduces further protection against ASIC miners.

The update integrates a new mining (PoW) algorithm. The previous…

BitcoiNote is designed to be mined from anywhere, by anyone. Our vision is to make BTCN the coin for everyone, even those mining from a mobile device. Therefore, BitcoiNote was designed with CPU mining and mining from dedicated PCs in mind.

Some of you have been asking how they can get the best performance and hashrate when mining. Since we’re here to help, we wanted to provide you with the best information on this. Follow these steps to make the most out of CPU mining on your dedicated PC.

1. Get the BitcoiNote Wallet

Our wallet application for Windows and Linux allows you to mine BitcoiNote straight from the wallet application on your dedicated PC. Download the application from our website, open it and create your BitcoiNote wallet. Make sure to set a secure password for your wallet.

2. Set up a pool

Click “Mining” in the sidebar and drag the…


IN PRIVACY WE TRUST. Ring signatures and unique algorithms make BitcoiNote the most private, secure and lightweight coin on the market. See

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