BitcoiNote Gateway Service Step 1: EC2 setup

You will need a sever running Ubuntu 16+ to set up the BTCN Gateway Service. Follow these steps to set that up using Amazon EC2.

May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

The following configuration will cost approximately $10 per month. You can also use any other hosting provider to host the gateway.

1. If you don’t have an account at Amazon Web Services yet, create one.

2. Log in to your Amazon Console. Go to Services -> EC2.

3. Go to “Instances” and click “Launch Instance”.

4. Select “Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type”.

5. Select t2.small as instance type. Click "Next: Configure Instance Details".

6. Enable “T2/T3 Unlimited”. Click “Next: Add Storage”.

7. Set the size to 25 GB. Click “Next: Add Tags”.

8. Click “click to add a Name tag” and enter a name for the server (e.g. “BTCNGateway”). Click “Next: Configure Security Group”.

9. Click “Add Rule”. In the new row, set “Port Range” to 38071 and change "Source" to "Anywhere". Click "Review and Launch".

10. Click “Launch”.

11. Select a key pair if you already have one, otherwise enter a key pair name (e.g. “gateway”) and click “Download Key Pair”. You need this to connect to the server! Click “Launch Instances”.

12. Click “View Instances” and look for the instance which was just created.

13. Note down the “Public IP”.

Then, go to your DNS provider’s control panel and add a subdomain for the gateway to your shop domain, for example if your shop domain is Set an A record pointing to the IP which you just wrote down.

You now have to connect to the instance which you just started, using the key pair.

You completed step 1! Next steps:

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