BitcoiNote Gateway Service Step 5: WooCommerce setup

In this final step we’re going to connect the Gateway to your WooCommerce webshop

May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

1. Make sure you installed WordPress and WooCommerce. If you haven’t, follow this manual to set both up.

Note: instead of following the following steps, you may also get the WooCommerce plugin from here. Skip to step 6 if you did.

2. Go to this GitHub page. Click Clone or download > Download ZIP to start downloading the BitcoiNote WooCommerce plugin.

3. Login to WP Admin on []/wp-admin .

4. Click Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin.

5. Click “Choose file”.
Select the BTCN-WooCommerce-Plugin ZIP.
Click “Install Now”.

6. Wait for the installation to complete, then click “Activate Plugin”.

7. Click WooCommerce > Settings >Payments.
Set the switch next to “BitcoiNote” to on (purple).
Then click “Manage” or “Set up”.

8. Scroll down to fill out:
- Gateway Service Username: set this to “client”
- Gateway Service Password: enter the password you set earlier.
- Gateway IPN Secret: enter the IPN Secret you set earlier.

Then click “Save Changes”.

9. Go back to your webshop and place a test order. You should now see BitcoiNote as one of the payment methods.

10. When placing the order you will be redirected to a BitcoiNote payment screen, just like we tested in step 4. You will be redirected back to your webshop once payment is complete.

👏 That’s it! You successfully set up the BitcoiNote Gateway Service and connected it to your WooCommerce webshop.

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