Community Update 8— Bitcoin Private Pay full steam ahead!

As mentioned in previous updates, the Bitcoin Private contribution team has been working on a privacy first, multi-phase merchant platform. It is just as important to have scalable, user-friendly consumer facing products for real world adoption to take place as it is to have robust, low-level technology to power mathematically provable shielded transactions.

In the last 10 days, the open source community started a public Discord server to host over thirty merchants who have been contributing feedback to the current, closed beta release and so far it has been an absolute success.

Bitcoin Private Pay Version 1.0 Roll Out

Over the next several weeks, the Bitcoin Private open-source community will be aiming to roll out the first version of our merchant platform to the more than 150 registered merchants ready to start offering Bitcoin Private Pay as a method for payment to their respective customers. This launch will propel us into one of the top cryptocurrencies measured by merchant vendor adoption.

In an effort to maximize exposure of Bitcoin Private Pay, the open-source contribution team is working toward two separate campaigns that will be ongoing in nature.

  1. Development of a “How-to” video, effectively highlighting the key features of Bitcoin Private Pay and illustrating how easy it is for merchant vendors across the globe to register for the merchant platform and immediately get started by seamlessly integrating it with their respective websites.
  2. Development of a “Merchant Vendor Spotlight” framework that will routinely highlight partnering merchant vendors on various Bitcoin Private social media outlets.

As we develop the aforementioned items, we ask the community to suggest and provide feedback along the way as we build out various graphics and material to assist merchants in getting the most out of Bitcoin Private Pay experience.

We will also we providing additional content and guidelines to further assist merchant vendors as they find the optimal way to integrate Bitcoin Private Pay into their payment & eCommerce ecosystem(s). Please join the public contribution Discord covering Bitcoin Private Pay for any such suggestions.

Closing thoughts:

As mentioned in our last community update, our goal as an open-source community is to work toward becoming more decentralized throughout our efforts. Over the past several weeks, we have been fortunate as a community to witness the contributions of many members who have been assisting in raising awareness for Bitcoin Private and it’s immense potential benefit on this world. We look forward to continuing to strive for more open collaboration on that front.

Regarding the ASIC resistant / Equihash discussion that has captivated the attention of many people across the globe, the Bitcoin Private contribution team continues to gather feedback and input from the community as it continues to consider the best possible course of action. Discussion on this topic continues to take place in our public Discord server.

Also, we are fortunate to have had representation from the Bitcoin Private community at Consensus 2018 and it has led to positive relationships for the project!

If you’d like to get involved with the development of Bitcoin Private, please join us on our GitHub or in our public Discord server.

We are excited to continue this community driven, open source journey to bring private transactions, both P2P and commercial, to a mainstream audience. Please leave any feedback you may have in the comments below or feel free to tweet at us!

Bitcoin Private Contribution Team