The left, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit and U-turns?
Owen Jones

Owen, I might agree with you if I could realistically see a way to reform the EU (all the usual stuff, more democracy, more accountability and scrutiny of unelected officials and their budgets, etc etc) …. in time …..

as let’s face it, there are huge disruptions coming not just from demographic pressures on social welfare affordability, and integration issues with migration especially in the Eastern States, but from the failure of the Euro with its inability to balance the fiscal budgets of the Northern States with the Southern and eastern fringes.

The current EU elites shows no appetite to even consider reform. Time is running out fast. If you are on a Bus, where the driver is actually a cartel of disparate ego-maniacs, and you see the wheels wobbling, and a cliff edge approaching …. maybe its sensible to jump !

Just saying ..

ps — The Rat is a committed Europhile, lived/worked 15 years in Europe before retirement, and is there now for the Summer ! Its just the EU Project that is the problem today.

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