Your 2019 Picture Calendar is ready

Let Mao Hanada present you each month of 2019 with a fun quote!

Print your Picture Calendar now.

For USA users and others using Letter Size Paper

For Internation users and others using A4 Size Paper

If you are into All Text Experience:
you can print our Merchant Calendar in US Letter Size or International A4 Size.

Model: Mao Hanada

No need to reveal or import any private keys.

It is SAFE to file a claim online now at

Last Date to file a claim: December 31, 2018


Please note: This deadline will not be extended.

If you meet all of the following conditions, then you are eligible file a claim for Bitcoin RM coins:

  1. You are not subject to the jurisdiction of United States of America
  2. On Snapshot Date (August 20, 2018), you had a balance of at least 0.001 BTC in your Bitcoin Wallet
  3. This Bitcoin Wallet is in your possession and not at a third party, such as an Exchange
  4. Your Bitcoin Wallet supports message signing
  5. Your Bitcoin address begins with 1 (number one)
  6. You have a valid email address
  7. You have Bitcoin RM wallet…

We all know that there are so many Bitcoin forks are out there! And, many more will be! as you can read here. Is it really legal to offer forked coins to Bitcoin holders, especially in USA? What is the risk in claiming forked coins for US based Bitcoin holders?

Are forks safe because everyone is doing it?

Some people argue that it is perfectly legal and risk free for US based bitcoin holders to receive forked coins! And, their argument is based solely on the fact that a lot of forks offered the fork coins to Bitcoin holders in USA. …

Bitcoin RM fork is Live :) Claim your BCRM coins!

As promised, we forked bitcoin. Bitcoin RM fork is now live. You can download wallet and/or mine using your GPU. Check out our website for details.

August 20, 2018 will be the date we will take a snapshot of Bitcoin blockchain. Non-USA bitcoin users should hold minimum 0.001 BTC in their personal wallets at least from August 19th till August 21st, to be eligible to claim Bitcoin RM coins after the fork. (USA bitcoin users are not eligible).

All non-USA Bitcoin holders with Legacy bitcoin addresses (which begin with number one), who held at least 0.001 BTC as of…

Bitcoin RM is the First Smart Fork of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin RM (BCRM) is the first Bitcoin smart fork to empower Retail Merchants. It is crypto currency for everyone!

• Snapshot of Bitcoin UTXOs will be taken on August 20, 2018
• All eligible non-USA Bitcoin owners with at least 0.001 BTC in his/her personal wallets can file a claim for BCRM coins on our website (Users under the jurisdiction of United States of America are not eligible)
• A valid email address is required to consider each claim application






Bitcoin RM is a 100% PoW coin featuring:


Bitcoin RM is the First Smart Fork of Bitcoin!

Coming Soon. Please stay tuned!

Bitcoin RM

The Bitcoin RM Team

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