Bitcoin Fund Management Commissions

You’ve noticed that while you

  1. Sleep,
  2. Eat,
  3. Watch TV,
  4. Use the restroom,
  5. Practice making babies,
  6. And all other times you’re not actually sitting on your computer, you:

A. Lose money
B. Lose opportunities to make money

That’s because the way the bitcoin and altcoin world works, 80% of the time, coins lose money until there’s some exciting news catalyst. Then, over the period of 2 to 3 days, you make a ton of money. Then on Day 3, you lose it all again. The FUD sell off is real, my friends.

To succeed at investing in Bitcoin you MUST either:

  1. Buy and Forget for 2 years.
  2. Buy and manage your investment for 24h a day.

Bitcoin Fund Management Process

If you’re already a wealthy and powerful person (you know you are), there’s a third option. You can hire a Bitcoin Fund Management Firm.

Our Fees and Commission Schedule

We charge 10% of initial fund amount. We charge 35% on profits only. We do not collect commissions until your full investment is in the green. That includes our initial 10% commission. We take our profit share every Monday. After closing of books on Monday, everything after our 35% commission becomes your new starting balance. We have to beat that balance every Monday to get paid.

Our Investing Strategy

There are weeks where you’ll lose 2–3 percent. This is due to moving our position to avoid major down turns and to get into position for highest gains.

When we make gains, they tend to be in the 200% to 500% range. Yes. That’s 5x. Cinco veces. Cinq fois. Dahsut Bae. These spikes come once or twice a month. So it’s largely a waiting game. But the wait pays off.


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Iron Clad Fund Security

Best part, we can remotely manage your Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, or other Exchange account without your password. We can manage your trading without any withdrawal risk. This is how you can enable secure bitcoin fund management:

About Us

We manage your funds 24h a day. So you make profits and avoid sell offs 24h a day. Our team is comprised of senior analysts in Australia, Netherlands, NYC, SF, and Singapore. We don’t sleep. Money doesn’t sleep.

Oh, and we are in Forbes: Forbes.

We look forward to a lucrative win-win relationship. Contact us.