Mero Currency (MRO) Re-Branding and Swap November 20th Exclusively on Altilly Exchange.

Bitcoin Token ($BTCT)
Oct 20 · 2 min read
MRO (Mero Currency) is being re-branded and swapped into Bitcoin Token (BTCT) Nov 20th, 2019

Dear MRO Token Holders,

We are excited to announce a consensus amongst the developers of Mero Currency that we are re-branding and moving to our own hosted blockchain. MRO will be rebranding to BTCT (Bitcoin Token).

When will the swap take place?

This swap will take place on November 20th, 2019. The swap will be automatic on the Altilly platform chaning all MRO to BTCT at a ratio of 10:1. We believe this is fair value as the Bitcoin Token blockchain will have more value being a minable coin.

The old contract address for MRO is:

Important Note and Advise!

Please We Advice each and Everyone of you to make sure your MRO Tokens are moved from your Private wallet to Altilly Exchange well ahead of the swap time. Note, any tokens left after Nov 20th in coinomi, mew or any other exchange will not be able to be swapped for BTCT.

We are excited that this move will garner more value for your investment as well as enable more community involvement and developer involvement in the project.

We are giving all MRO token holders time to move their tokens to a centralized exchange (Altilly) where the swap will take place.

P.S. In light of this change we are slowly starting to re-brand our social profiles (Telegram, Twitter, Github) to the new Bitcoin Token branding (BTCT).

Bitcoin Token (BTCT) Team

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Bitcoin Token $BTCT is a digital currency, the r(evolution) of money. De-centralized Currency. Open Source.

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