BTK & BTCONE Is closing Doors

First the bad news:

We’ve made the very difficult decision to dissolve the project. We’re grateful for the opportunity afforded by our supporters to build products and infrastructure for the cryptocurrency community.

To everyone who used our products, told their friends, or helped us in any way, thank you.

B ONE PAYMENT which has been a part of Bitcoin ONE and Bitcoin Turbo Koin all the way is doing swaps for btk and btcone. Read down below

B ONE PAYMENT is an old project and they will continue to work on the APP and they are currently working on new roadmap and site and marketplace.

Bitcoin Turbo Koin & Bitcoin ONE are stopping the Projects.

2020 and Corona Virus and personal circumstances are forcing the team to close doors.

We thank you for your support.

BTK & BTCONE Servers will stop working from May 1TH.

And BTK and BTCONE will be delisted on exchanges and explorers taken down.

All admins are stopping and all developers also.

Further we will not be a part of the masternode community this will continue to run just without BTK and BTCONE community, and of course our shopping site and forum will close down too.

Further no wallet will support BTCONE or BTK also not B ONE PAYMENT in the future.

We have landed a deal with new chinese team at


They will give some B1P as in the following conditions:

10000 Minimum in BTK and BTCONE.

If you have 10000 BTK or BTCONE you receive 500 B1P.

They will not send out B ONE PAYMENT to less than this amount.

Transfers are being done by new developers on May 1TH and May 2TH.

You will have an option to sell your BTK and BTCONE on exchanges for a time being until both projects will be delisted.

More info about claiming B ONE PAYMENT Token go to:

To receive B ONE PAYMENT you can download the Wallet here:

Please make sure you have updated version of our APP, other old version with coins like BTK and BTCONE will be disabled and we will not have support for it.

B ONE PAYMENT is an APP that has more than 60 coins and tokens.

B ONE PAYMENT Project is now lead by a chinese team and they will continue the development of the project.

To be able to receive B1P, Please read and fill this form before May 1TH.

And state your B1P Wallet.

BTK and BTCONE channels and socials will be overtaken by


Be safe

Thanks for support




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B ONE PAYMENT overtake all Bitcoin Turbo Koin and Bitcoin ONE profiles and do a swap. Links:

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