What is Webcoin?

Why the crypto community like the project?

Why join our affiliate program?

Our project and platform mission and vision is to help individuals and businesses pay at least 10 times less for the same service which social media platforms self-serving platforms offer. Furthermore, our miners will earn Webcoins by visiting advertisers’ websites, like & share advertisers social media profiles, groups and pages.

What are the benefits and how much can you earn through our program?

It is simple as 1,2,3!


Crowdsale URL: https://oyster.ws

What is Oyster?

Oyster is the new paradigm for the internet economy that breaks the stalemate between advertisers and ad blockers. To accomplish this, Oyster provides web-accessible and anonymous data storage as a superior alternative to cloud storage. Website owners add the one line Oyster code to their site HTML to turn their visitors into treasure hunters that…

Grier Victor

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